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Actions towards ZERO

Building wastewater treatment facilities

690 mln rubles our investments in the construction of wastewater facilities at thee breweries in 2017

Uchastok Ochistki Biogaza I Gazgol'der

International standard ISO 50001 certification

To ensure effective energy resources usage we have implemented the energy management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 50001

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Cooling, the natural way

During the winter months, our breweries in Samara, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, and Yaroslavl are using dry and free cooling refrigeration systems to reduce their energy consumption.

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Global Beer Responsibility Day

To address the problem of alcohol consumption by minors joint actions of various stakeholders are required, and we develop partnerships to achieve positive results.

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Promoting safe behaviour

Employees’ behaviour audits play crucial role in creating health and safety culture in our company.

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Baltika 0 sponsors marathons

The non-alcoholic brand No. 1 in Russia, Baltika 0 supports major marathons in Russian cities.

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Biogas as an alternative energy source

We are looking for opportunities to use renewable energy sources. 4% of total heat energy consumed by the company in 2017, was produced from biogas

Zero Carbon Footprint