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Global Beer Responsibility Day

To address the problem of alcohol consumption by minors joint actions of various stakeholders are required, and we develop partnerships to achieve positive results.

Global Beer Responsibility Day is an example of such a partnership. It was established in 2015 as a joint initiative of the Carlsberg Group and other major beer producers and is annually marked in September.

This is a worldwide collaborative effort between brewers, retailers, police authorities and NGOs, and its purpose is to promote responsible consumption of beer while addressing the issues around alcohol misuse, such as drink driving, consumption of alcohol by minors etc.

In Russia Baltika Breweries and the Russian Beer Union (RBU) hold the campaign “18+ Rules for All, Responsibilities for Everyone”.

The project’s major aim is to consolidate brewers, retailers and consumers in order to undertake joint efforts in preventind hand out leaflets with rules and legislation information to sales personnel and consumers. g sales of alcohol to underage people.

Our volunteers visit points of sale, put special stickers an

As part of the project RBU has developed the Memorandum of intent to develop partnership and undertake joint measures on preventing underage drinking. Among the signatories of the Memorandum there are the Retail Companies Association (AKORT), Х5 Retail Group, Consumers Union of Russia, Union of the participants of beer and non-alcoholic beverages market.

120 cities

Over 70 000 points of sale