Benefit your city

Russia annually produces 50 to 60 million tonnes of municipal solid waste.

Reducing the environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions are critical for waste minimisation and effective waste management practices, including a modern waste sorting and recycling system and shifting from waste burial to recycling.

Russia is currently reforming its waste management system, and our company is committed to contributing to the waste sorting and recycling programme.

The government introduced an Extended Producer Responsibility plan (EPR) which obliges producers and importers to comply with the waste disposal standards or to pay environmental fees.

Our company chose to comply with the standards by investing in a separate waste collection infrastructure and collaboration with industry operators.

We demonstrated compliance with the EPR plan even before the legislation changes took effect. In 2013, we launched a separate waste collection project — Benefit Your City.

EPR compliance for our company means not only fulfilling legal requirements, but also delivering on our commitments within the Carlsberg Group’s sustainability programme that seeks to reduce beer-in-hand carbon footprint of by 30 % by 2030.


As part of the initiative, we cooperate with industry and regional operators and provide containers for separate waste collection. All collected waste (PET packaging, glass, aluminium cans, cardboard, etc.) is submitted for recycling.

Over 60 % of the aluminium and glass waste collected as part of the project Benefit Your City is recycled and forwarded to packaging suppliers. Thus, Baltika’s cans and bottles contain up to 30% of recycled materials.

By 2022, Baltika plans to collect and recycle at least 50 % of all packaging released in Russia, including 58 % of PET bottles.

We support ecological awareness projects and promote a proper waste management culture advocating for the new model of consumption when packaging recycling becomes a habit.

In 2019, we launched a joint project with the supermarket chain VkusVill. Our company became the launch customer for reverse vending machines in Russia. Such machines attract customers and contribute to building a recycling habit.

We thank our customers and eco-volunteers for their dedication to separate waste collection and for fostering a culture of waste recycling. In June 2019, we provided the addresses of the recycling containers that our company installed as part of the project Benefit Your City to the RazDelny Sbor (Separate Waste Collection) environmental movement. RazDelny Sbor volunteers manage the RecycleMap.RU website in several Russian regions and collaborate with activists who update the data on recycling points on other maps. We hope that our partnership will be a trustworthy source of information on separate waste collection infrastructure making it easy for our customers to use such infrastructure.

We have already invested over RUB 60 million into this initiative and we intend to go on contributing to the responsible waste management infrastructure.



Over 100,000
tonnes of waste submitted for recycling in 2019