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Baltika Breweries


Baltika Breweries was established in Saint Petersburg in 1990. Baltika has been one of the leading brewers in the Russian market since 1996 due to its state-of-the-art equipment and application of advanced technologies to produce the highest quality products.

With approx 8,300 employees, Baltika is one of the largest consumer goods companies in Russia.

The company is one of the leaders in the alcohol-free beer market, occupying more than 27% of it.

Baltika Breweries is the leading exporter of Russian beer, with the company's products being offered in more than 79 countries, including Western Europe, North America and Asian Pacific region.

Throughout its history our company has been developing, dynamically buying breweries, building new ones from scratch and actively expanding the network of sales departments.

Key facts

Market share: approx 30%
Breweries: 8


Baltika Breweries is established


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One of the fundamental principles of development of our company is innovation. This refers both to development of the brand portfolio, i.e. introduction of new products and new kinds of packaging, as well as the applied production technologies, logistics and sales. One of the recent achievements in this field is the development of two own brewing barley varieties, developed by specialists at Baltika and the Carlsberg Group.



Baltika’s employees are professionals in their trade and our company's main assets. The expert knowledge and expertise of Baltika brewmasters is recognised both in Russia and abroad. Because of the close joint work with Carlsberg Group, Baltika employees successfully apply the best practices and ways of working.

We pay high attention to development of leadership competencies and personnel involvement, development of talents and attracting young specialists.



The wide brand portfolio of our company allows satisfaction of the most sophisticated taste. Apart from the key Baltika brand, we produce more than 55 beer brands, including Arsenalnoye, Tuborg, Zatecky Gus and 5 non-beer brands. Our Baltika brand has the first place in Europe in terms of sales (information of Euromonitor 2015) and is one of the ten most expensive brands of Russia. Different varieties of the brand are produced under license in CIS countries and abroad. Furthermore, the brands of our company have received more than 670 Russian and international awards of professional and consumer contests.

Did you know that Baltika was the first in Russia to...

  • produce beer in 1 liter aluminum cans and 5 liter aluminum kegs
  • launch a PET bottling line
  • switch to large-scale and full use of transparent labelling
  • apply foil wrapping onto the bottle neck
  • start using outside cold for production purposes (Siberia, Far East, Volga region)
  • convert heat supply of the sports and recreation complex (Khabarovsk) fully to sun energy only
  • be certified in the integrated management system
  • develop our own cooler yeast strain
  • design our own rail cars for careful transportation of our products
  • start using the largest cooking vessel of 18 tons
  • adopt and produce both the PET perform and cap for our own purposes.