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Building wastewater treatment facilities

690 mln rubles our investments in the construction of wastewater facilities at thee breweries in 2017

We have acting wastewater treatment facilities at our four breweries. In 2017, we started construction of modern complexes at the sites in St Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-Don, where wastewater was treated at the municipal sewer systems.

Only last year, total investments amounted to almost 690 mln rubles.

All three complexes will have energy-saving equipment and units for collecting biogas produced during one of the treatment stages. The company will use the biogas as an alternative source of energy for its boiler-houses, which will cut consumption of natural gas.

Similar equipment is installed at the existing wastewater treatment facilities at the company’s sites.

The UN pays special attention to the importance of increasing the recycling volume of wastewater.

At our Samara brewery a system of advanced wastewater treatment is in place, which allows to significantly save on water resources by reusing cleaned water from wastewater treatment facilities for technical needs in the boiler-house and for the site’s cooling compressor station.

We explore the possibility of implementing such a scheme in other breweries.