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“Act without limits” − the complex programme supporting disable people

In partnership with the Fund for regional social programmes "Our Future" we launched the programme “Act without limits” providing educational and financial support to social entrepreneurs who address issues of social integration and employment of adults with disabilities.

Support for socially disadvantaged groups is one of the priorities of our community engagement policy. We consider it important that disable people are active participants in the life of society.

Social entrepreneurs and disable people face different barriers on their ways. The first ones are often limited in resources, financial, methodological, to develop their business. The second group experiences difficulties in social adaptation and employment. That is why we have decided to launch the programme that will break down barriers and open opportunities for both parties that need each other. By supporting social entrepreneurs whose business addresses problems of disable people, we hope to contribute to creation of sustainable small business models with long-term social impact.

Geography of the programme: Moscow, St Petersburg, Leningradskaya, Rostovskaya, Samarskaya, Voronezhskaya, Novosibirskaya, Tulskaya, Yaroslavskaya regions and Khabarovskiy krai.

Online school for social entrepreneurs

The school course was created by experts especially for social entrepreneurs addressing the problems of disable people, and is designed to help start-ups launch and develop their business, as well as to acting entrepreneurs.

In 2017, 15 school participants successfully defended their projects. 4 out of 9 winners among start-ups were school graduates.

Online school for social entrepreneurs

The contest was held among start-ups and mature social entrepreneurs.

8 mature social entrepreneurs from 7 regions received financial support worth more than 3 mln rubles in total, and 9 start-ups from 6 regions received 3,4 mln rubles in total.

Thus, the grantee from Voronezh plans to organize the production of handrails, ramps to create a "barrier-free environment" in the city and employ 10 people with disabilities at the enterprise.

Another grantee is the beauty salon from Novosibirsk, where 3 disable people have been already employed, and more such jobs to be created.

Salon adheres to the principles of accessible facilities, so in it a person with disabilities can get without an escort.