Zatecky Gus Non-Alcoholic

Zatecky Gus Non-Alcoholic

Zatecky Gus Non-Alcoholic

Zatecky Gus Non-Alcoholic – is a alcohol-free traditional pale lager brewed with addition of famous Czech aromatic hop of Zhatetsky variety.

The Zhatetsky hop has been grown in the area of Zhatets town in northern Czechia for more than 700 years. From the old times the hops has been famous not only in Czechia, but as well in the neighbouring regions. Zhatets is often called the world hop capital — Zhatetsky hop is one of the highest-quality hops in the world, it has been grown by the Institute of Hop growing. This hop gives the beer its specific aroma and slight bitterness, herewith the beer is easy for drinking.

Non-alcoholic Zatecky Gus gives the full age customers freedom of choice and opportunity to enjoy the taste of favorite beer in any situation.

Zatecky Gus Non-Alcoholic is brewed on modern equipment using the perfect way – dialysis technology of a careful removal of alcohol from finished beer rather than the technology of suspended fermentation. Exactly that method allows making alcohol-free beer, which does not differ in taste from beer containing alcohol.

Alcohol-free beer Zatecky Gus contains all the essential В, A and E vitamins as well as over 30 mineral substances and microelements.

Variants of package

  • 0.48 litre bottle

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer:

35 kcal
5.5 g


purified drinking water, pale barley malt, malt extract, brewing barley and hop.