Yarpivo Brewery

Yarpivo Brewery

Established in December 1974, Yaroslavl beer & soft drinks plant had initial annual capacity of 7.2m dal beer. In 1993, the company was transformed into Yarpivo joint stock company, with the international group Baltic Beverages Holding AB as its shareholder since 1996. Since then, the plant has undergone phased reconstruction. Its capacity has grown almost tenfold — now it is 65m dal of beer annually. In the course of integration of Russian breweries, Yarpivo OJSC became a branch of Baltika Breweries in 2006. Since November 1, 2017, our branch has been named Yarpivo Brewery. The total area of ​​the brewery is 23 ha. In line with the company's investment policy, the construction of a malt plant with 110 thousand tons of malt annual capacity was completed in 2007–2009.

Brewery today

A responsible producer

Yarpivo Brewery branch remains one of the top regional taxpayers. The company paid about ₽5.7b taxes to the regional budget for 2019, of which ₽5.5b were excise duties. Yarpivo paid over ₽65b of excise duties to the budget of Yaroslavl region for 2010–2019.  

The company has repeatedly won the Best Company of the Year competition in Top Achievements in Environmental Policy category.

Contribution to the development of the region

Since 2007, the plant has implemented a number of investment projects worth more than ₽3b. New filling lines, a filtration unit, a wort cooling section, bio local WWT, a malt line, NAB line have been assembled and put into operation. 

The brewery has independent water supply — 9 artesian wells were drilled, each 80 m deep. The total volume of well water intake is 5,000 m3/day. The plant features own WWT and a boiler room with special biogas burners.

Over recent years, the company has rolled out big environmental projects with direct impact on the regional environment, as well as promotion of healthy lifestyles:

  • Industrial and domestic wastewater is treated at modern bio wastewater treatment facilities. The investments were about ₽1b.
  • The biogas project is one of the company's most successful energy efficiency initiatives. Biogas is a by-product of bio local WWT used by the business as an alternative source of energy for its boilers. It helps to cut thermal energy costs by 10%, reduce carbon footprint and preserve natural resources. The investments hit ₽11m. The project helped us to reduce natural gas consumption and carbon monoxide emissions.
  • The brewery installed a NAB unit to brew non-alcoholic beer and diversify its range in 2019. Membrane filtration is a cutting-edge technology that gently removes alcohol from ready beer, rather than using stuck fermentation. It is this method that makes it possible to produce non-alcoholic beer with the same taste as beer containing alcohol. Yet, traditional recipes and high-quality raw materials are used. The investments hit ₽40m.

Brand portfolio

Today, Yarpivo Brewery produces about 40 brands of beer. These are Baltika, Nevskoe, Arsenalnoe, Bolshaya Kruzhka, Tuborg and, of course, Yarpivo — an iconic brand for Yaroslavl.  Since 2010, the range has also included Zhivoy Ruchey spring water. Since April 2019, a NAB line has been commissioned opening opportunities for non-alcoholic beer brewing. The brewery delivers its products to Central Russia.

Yarpivo brands features 6 brews:
Yarpivo Amber, Yarpivo Original, Yarpivo Ice, Yarpivo Strong, Muzhiki na Volge, Pan Stary.

Yarpivo brand has scooped multiple awards in various Russian and international competitions. Thus, in 2008, the premium quality of Yarpivo earned a gold award in one of the most prestigious international competitions Monde Selection (Belgium) and silver medal from Superior Taste Award (Belgium) annually held by the International Taste Institute (former iTQi). Yarpivo brews have been repeated winners of the Russian National Brand Expo. 21st Century Quality Mark and Top 100 Goods of Russia. Yarpivo Amber, Yarpivo Strong and Muzhiki na Volge were awarded the distinctive sign Yaroslavl Quality in 2019.

Responsible employer

The headcount of our branch is circa 500 FTEs. The employee benefits provided by the company are among the best in the region. They includes a wide range of various compensation and perks: private health insurance, extra sick leave payments, financial assistance due to marriage, childbirth, anniversary, retirement, free cafeteria meals on-site, work/home transfers, etc.

Social projects

A leading brewer in the region, our company sets the trends in environmental, labor protection, and corporate social responsibility industrial standards. The branch takes an annual part in urban eco initiatives and community cleanups. Garbage during environmental initiatives is collected separately (PET, paper, can, glass) and then sent for recycling. In addition, the brewery kick-starts and develops projects focused on responsible alcohol consumption and beer drinking culture.

  • Global Beer Responsible Day
  • Sobriety Behind the Wheel, Celebrating? Don't Get Behind the Wheel!
  • Promotes beer drinking culture initiating the educational project Beer Sommelier, themed trips to the plant.

Yaroslavl Brewery also runs projects geared towards less water use. Circulated water is used in the refrigeration unit and for technical needs.

Guided by the principle of manufacturer’s responsibility, the company takes on-going measures aimed at less packaging weight, less waste and more reused and recycled materials. The brewery provides 100% of spent grain for reuse, in particular, to farmers. Another significant type of waste resulted from brewing is yeast. As in the case of spent grain, the company sells yeast for further use as feed.

The company arranges packaging waste sorting both on site and from the market. Since 2013, Baltika, together with its partners — package operators — has run the project Make the Difference for Your City to promote waste sorting in Russia. Throughout 6 years of the project, Baltika, together with partners, has installed more than 10 thousand containers for separate packaging waste collection (glass, PET bottles, aluminum can, carton).

Yarpivo Brewery invests in the culture of separate collection through environmental awareness projects for students, organizing eco trips and separate waste collection at public events. In 2020, a stationary separate waste collection point was mounted near Globus hypermarket, where any person in the city could bring sorted waste for further recycling. People living in Yaroslavl sort recyclable materials on their own into four fractions, each into a separate container. After sorted waste enters containers, the regional operator takes it away for further sorting, and then prepared recyclable waste is sent for processing by specialized companies. The same containers are installed close to Yarpivo Brewery site. For two years now, 2019 and 2020, the company has been taking part in Yaroslavl Gastronomic Festival Feast on the Volga: it has been placing special containers for separate waste collection; volunteers have drawn visitors’ attention to the problem of separate waste collection and offered to place plastic bottles and aluminum cans in special containers separately from other waste.   

Staying together despite the distance

In 2020, Baltika launched a social campaign aimed at supporting people amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Yaroslavl brewery, in partnership with Yaroslavl Fund for Mercy and Health, has donated more than 50 thousand bottles of Zhivoy Ruchey spring water to the region's healthcare institutions: Solovyov Clinical Emergency Hospital, Central District Hospital of Yaroslavl District, Central City Hospital, Regional Veteran Hospital, Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, Semashko Clinical Hospital, Yaroslavl Regional Cancer Hospital, Rostov Central Regional Hospital, Pirogov Rybinsk City Hospital No. 2, Gavrilov-Yamskoy Central Regional Hospital, Tutaevskaya Central Regional Hospital, where patients with Covid-19 are observed.

In May 2020, Yarpivo Brewery helped the Fund for Mercy and Health to purchase sanitary and disinfectant items, masks and gloves for the patients of the Gerontological Center of Yaroslavl Region, as well as for Nekrasov and Rybinsk boarding homes for the elderly and disabled.

Key facts

Established in 1974
Brewery director: Vitaly Lityuk


Ulitsa Pozharskogo, d. 63, 150030 Yaroslavl

+7 (4852) 583-205
+7 (906) 638-4221