Yarpivo Brewery

The decision to build a new brewery in Yaroslavl was taken at the beginning of the 1970s. The brewery was brought on line at the end of 1974 and reached full capacity in 1975. One year later the products made here were awarded the All-Union "Badge of Quality."

Key dates

  • 1974 - start-up of the Yaroslavl brewery
  • 1977 - production of own malt begins
  • 1993 - Yarpivo OJSC is founded
  • 1996 - Yarpivo becomes part of Baltic Beverages Holding AB, large-scale reconstruction begins
  • 2005 - merger of the Yaroslavl and Voronezh breweries
  • 2006 - integration with the companies Baltika, Vena and Pikra
  • 2007 - In March of 2007 the malt-house started working at the branch.

Starting in 1997, a step-by-step reconstruction of the brewery took place: the first imported filling line for bottles was brought on line, marking the beginning of major changes.

Between1996 and 2006, during the 10 years of partnership with BBH, 278 million dollars were invested in reconstruction of the Yaroslavl brewery and the production capacity grew over this time nearly 10 times: from 0.7 to 6,7 million hectolitres of beer per year. Now the construction of a malt plant is reaching its final stage. The new malt plant is a high capacity, super-mechanised and automated facility.

One of the main points of pride in Yaroslavl is the complex of purification installations, which are among the most powerful not only in Russia but in Europe in general. By introducing new water treatment equipment, Yarpivo not only confirmed its reputation as a socially responsible enterprise, but also demonstrated that the entire production chain meets the most advanced requirements. The quality of waste water meets the same requirements as are established for the water running into reservoirs for fish farming.

It is a tradition for the Baltika subsidiary in Yaroslavl to participate in city events as an organiser. Residents of the city especially like two holidays: the anniversary of the city’s founding and the Day of Beer. In August 2006 more than 50,000 people gathered on the water-meadow of the Kotorosl River for the traditional celebration of the Day of Beer.

Yarpivo Brewery is considered one of the enterprises that have built up the city, although it is not the largest in the region. As the years go by, the Company’s contribution to local tax revenues keeps on growing. And in addition, Yarpivo Brewery spends significant amounts on charity. In 2005, for example, this sum amounted to 19 million rubles. Brewers traditionally support invalids, veterans and retirees of the brewery. They help hospitals and children’s institutions.

Yarpivo Brewery has been a sponsor of Russian and international bicycle races. It supported the Russian racing team in the Porsche Cup.

Key facts

Established in 1974
Brewery director: Vladislav Bolshakov


Ulitsa Pozharskogo, d. 63, 150030 Yaroslavl

+7 (4852) 58-32-03
+7 (4852) 58-32-46