Baltika Brewery Novosibirsk

Baltika Brewery Novosibirsk

Construction of Baltika-Novosibirsk brewery started in January 2007. The annual capacity of the brewery was initially supposed to be 2 mln. hl. But in the process of construction it was decided to increase the design capacity to 4.5 mln. hl per year. The construction was completed already in May 2008.

Equipment of the leading world manufacturers was installed at the brewery: Huppmann brewing lines, 2 bottling lines using PET-packages of KHS and Krones companies, Simmonazi canning line, bottling line using Krones glass bottles, Geo Grasso refrigerators and compressors, Kuenzel equipment of the elevator and conditioning department, Pall Seitz Schenk equipment of the filtration department.

During construction state-of-the-art production and logistics complex was built at the brewery that included a class A warehouse terminal (in the process of the brewery construction the terminal area was increased from 8.5 to 11 thousand square meters) operating since 2003 and own railway lines.

Responsible producer

The operation of such a large and stable enterprise as Baltika-Novosibirsk on the territory of Siberia provides additional revenues for the local budgets. The annual tax deductions to the budgets of all levels amount to over RUB 1 bln.

During the construction of Baltika-Novosibirsk brewery construction business relations were established with local suppliers of materials, equipment, and raw materials. The enterprise currently cooperates with more than 50 companies of the region.

The brewery regularly implements resource-saving projects: it has introduced an energy-saving lighting system, put an energy efficient boiler-house into operation; there are programs aimed at reducing electric power, heat and water consumption. This has resulted in annual utility costs savings of up to RUB 4.5 mln.

Brand portfolio

The brewery produces a wide range of products, including Baltika 3 Classic, Baltika 7 Export, Baltika Cooler, Yarpivo, Bolshaya Kruzhka and licensed Tuborg brand.

Novosibirsk brewery also produces a regional beer brand especially for Siberian residents: Sibirsky Bochonok. The name has been selected in a public contest.

To satisfy the demand for refreshment drinks in the region, the brewery has launched production of nonalcoholic beverages: Khlebny Krai Traditional and Khlebny Krai 7 Grains kvass, Flash Up energy drink.

Responsible employer

There are about 300 employees at the enterprise. People are the most valuable resource for Baltika; therefore they are provided with modern labour conditions, a worthy salary level as well as good compensations and benefits: voluntary medical insurance, additional sick leave benefits, free meals in the canteen, financial aid in occasion of marriage, childbirth, anniversary, retirement, and others.

Community engagement

The company pays special attention to community engagement projects.

Baltika supports city parks beutification in Novosibirsk; while employees maintain close ties with the veterans of “Blokadnik” society.
Besides, the brewery renders charitable aid to nongovernmental organizations of disabled people and veterans, to medical and educational institutions.

For several years the brewery employees jointly with a number of NGOs and government bodies have been implementing the Beer Patrol project aimed at prevention of beer sales to the underage.Several times a year the employees-volunteers take part in environmental activities. All the gathered waste that mostly consists of packages – plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans – is thoroughly sorted and sent for recycling or further processing.

Key facts

Established in 2008
Brewery director: Vladislav Bolshakov


630041, Novosibirsk, 2 Stantsionnaya, 34-3

+7 (383) 230-14-02