Zhivoy Ruchey

Zhivoy Ruchey

Zhivoy Ruchey

Zhivoy Ruchey (Life Spring) appeared on the Russian market in April 2010.

Zhivoy Ruchey (Life Spring) natural drinking water is obtained from an artesian well in the city of Yaroslavl by Baltika Breweries. Baltika Breweries carried out extensive geodesic studies in several regions of Russia to find high-quality water with a balanced natural chemical composition. The water from the artesian well in Yaroslavl fully met these requirements.

“Zhivoy Ruchey” (Life Spring) natural drinking water is obtained from an artesian well about 80 meters deep. It undergoes refined purification through sieve and sand filters as well as high-tech nanofilters, so that the natural composition of this artesian water, rich in microelements, is preserved. Specially for the launch of this product Baltika Breweries purchased equipment from the largest membrane filter cartridge producer in the world. After going through the nanofilters the water is ozonized, which is a more environmentally friendly purification method than chlorine treatment. Life Spring water is intended for daily consumption.

Life Spring sparkling and still water is available in 0.5 litre and 1.5 litre PET bottles. Life Spring water is available in points of sale all over Russia.

Variants of package

  • PET 0.5 liter
  • PET 1.5 liter


Total minerals < 1000 mg/l Total hardness < 7.0 mg-equiv/l Cations, mg/l: Calcium < 130 Magnesium < 65 Potassium < 20 Anions, mg/l: Chlorides < 250 Hydrocarbons < 400 Sulphates < 250