Zatecky Gus Rubinovy Non-Alcoholic

Zatecky Gus Rubinovy Non-Alcoholic

Russia, Czech Republic
Zatecky Gus Rubinovy Non-Alcoholic

Zatecky Gus Rubínový Non-alcoholic is a half-light non-alcoholic pilsner with rich aroma of the famous Zatec Rubin hops. Special malts give this beer its unique intense flavor, distinctive ruby color, and just the right combination of bitter and slightly sweet aftertaste.

It is a special type of rich ruby-red beer, brewed from the right natural ingredients according to the traditional Czech recipe with the use of classic low fermentation technology.

Zatecky Gus Rubínový Non-alcoholic is produced with the use of the membrane filtration method, without any use of stuck fermentation. Thus, the alcohol is carefully removed from the brewed beer, so the drink does not differ in taste from the regular one.

Production of Zatecky Gus is strictly supervised by the experts of Czech Zatecky Pivovar brewery. They closely monitor each stage of the production process, from the selection of hops to brewing.

Package option

  • 0.48 litre bottle

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer:

140 kJ/35 kcal
6,0 g


ified potable water, light barley malt, malt extract, malting barley, rye malt extract, concentrated black carrot juice, hop products