Zatecky Gus Cerny Non-Alcoholic

Zatecky Gus Cerny Non-Alcoholic

Dark lager
Zatecky Gus Cerny Non-Alcoholic

Zatecky Gus Cerny Non-Alcoholic – the first non-alcoholic dark beer in brand portfolio. Brewed according to the best Czech traditions, this beer is characterized by the deep flavor of black and caramel malt and rich aroma of the famous Zatec hops. For more than 700 years this hop variety is cultivated on the red soils, rich with iron, in the North Bohemia, near the town of Zatec. Besides, it was the first hop to get the European geographical mark of quality.

Thanks to the membrane filtration method, when the alcohol is carefully removed from the finished beer, the new brew preserves everything for what Zatecky Gus Cerny is loved. It is easily drinkable, it has rich flavor and aroma and goes perfectly with home cooked meals.

The new beer from Zatecky Gus brand – is a great gift for everyone who loves dark beer and doesn’t want to deny the pleasure of enjoying favorite taste at any time.

Variants of package

  • 0.48 litre bottle

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer:

50 kcal
Original wort gravity
12 g