Kronenbourg 1664

Kronenbourg 1664

Kronenbourg 1664

Kronenbourg beer was born as far back as 1664 in the French province of Alsace and since then it has preserved the traditions of genuine brewing art. The introduction of the premium Kronenbourg 1664 variety was specially timed to the coronation of English Queen Elizabeth II in 1952 and quickly won the love and recognition of beer connoisseurs.

Today Kronenbourg 1664 is the most popular beer in France and is sold in more than 70 countries, especially successfully in Europe where it is one of the leaders of premium brands. The brand has many awards, including the Gold Medal of the most prestigious international Brewing Industry International Awards contest in 2004.

Since its creation Kronenbourg 1664 has symbolized superiority and exquisiteness in every detail: an original recipe created by generations of brewers, first-rate raw materials, unique taste and aroma. The green bottle of unusual shape with a big embossing of "1664" and a rolled bottleneck harmoniously add to the premium image of the brand while the twist-off cap and a perforated label allow to open the bottle in the most comfortable way.

The Kronenbourg 1664 beer has won the hearts of millions of people all over the world due to its inimitable taste: this brand is produced with one of the best kinds of aromatic Strisselspalt hop that gives the drink exquisite bitterness balanced by grapefruit tinges and the fragrance of hop flowers.

In Russia the Kronenbourg 1664 has been produced since November 2004 and is now one of the most expensive brands in the licensed segment. In 2008, sales growth of the Kronenbourg 1664 brand amounted to +35,4%.

All over the world the Kronenbourg 1664 beer attracts successful and self-reliant people who love beautiful things and know how to enjoy life. The Kronenbourg 1664 is an official ambassador of the French lifestyle, exquisite in every detail and full of material pleasures.

Interesting fact
The creative alliance between Kronenbourg 1664 and the world-renowned French designer Philippe Starck produced exclusive glasses, cans and bottles of the Кronenbourg 1664.

Variants of package

  • 0,46 litre bottle

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer:

44 kcal
Original wort gravity
11,5 %
not more than 4.6 g


purified drinking water, pale barley malt, hop products