Legenda Khmel&Friends Vienna Lager

Legenda Khmel&Friends Vienna Lager

Vienna lager
Poultry meat, Fish, Cheese
Legenda Khmel&Friends Vienna Lager

Bitterness: 22 IBU

Khmel&Friends - a novelty in the Russian beer market, designed to combine the best traditions of craft brewing and a truly scrupulous “Baltika” attitude to quality. The unique charismatic taste of the new lager is achieved by a special recipe, which is based on the technology of dry hopping - a method in which aromatic hops are added during fermentation. Thus, the wort is brewed on hops, so that the essential oils contained in it are stored and revealed in the taste of Khmel&Friends beer with a particularly bright and fresh bouquet.

Khmel&Friends VIenna lager – unfiltered beer with a rich dark amber color. Due to use of Amarillo and Cascade hops the taste reveals in delicate shades of bread crust and has a light fruity aroma. The velvety body of this lager is perfectly combined with pleasant hop bitterness and soft malt-bread and spicy notes in the aftertaste.

Khmel&Friends Vienna lager will be an interesting experience for both lager lovers and connoisseurs of unusual sorts.


0,45 litre can

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer:

200 kJ/50 kcal
Original wort gravity
12,3 %
4,0 g


purified drinking water, pale barley malt, malt extracts, hop products