Karmi Sensal Mango-Orange

Karmi Sensal Mango-Orange

Fruit beer
Karmi Sensal Mango-Orange

Karmi beverage has got the juicy mango and orange flavour. This sensuous amalgam of fruit sweetness and citrus won the highest regards in consumers’ tests. The exotic substance supports the relevant image, produced by the mysterious name and a stylish label, that reminds a patch of wine red silk with golden border. Karmi is capable of catching the sight and attract attention to itself on the shop’s shells. Karmi is created for flaming women, who harmoniously unite mystique and eхpressivity. New women-oriented brand Karmi has been brought into production under a license of Carlsberg Group at the end of the march 2013. The best practices of Carlsberg Group had been used in product-development process. The high quality of the released production, which includes beverages produced under license, is provided in Baltika Breweries by the balanced multistep control system. According to a current practice, the Karmi production will be also held in check by the representatives of Carlsberg Group Company General Headquarters.

Variants of package

  • 0.5 litre bottle

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer:

70 kcal
not more than 8 g


purified drinking water, amber barley malt, polenta, sugar, flavouring basis «orange-mango natural», PH-controlled agent – citric, hop products.