The DRAGON beer was launched on the Russian market in summer 2012. This variety is brewed according to a traditional Asian recipe with addition of rice grown in the Chinese province of Jilin. The DRAGON will suit the taste of those who appreciate light fresh Asian beer varieties.

The custom to add rice in beer is rooted in the history and culture of the East, where it has always been highly popular. The DRAGON variety is brewed with the addition of rice that gives it a light golden color and very special light refreshing taste. This beverage goes perfectly with light snacks and Asian cuisine dishes.

The Chinese province of Jilin famous for its fertility and the quality of cereals grown there. It is the use of this cereal that gives the beer its special light flavour and bright sparkly colour. The variety is highly drinkable and quenches thirst well.

The people of the Far East came to like the particular features of Asian beer long ago, as the customs of their eastern neighbors have entered their everyday life. Several historical facts prove the interrelation of the Russian and Chinese brewing traditions. Thus, the first brewery in the Celestial Empire is known to have been established in 1900 in Harbin by Russian merchant Khrennikov. Whereas at the end of the 19th century Chinese merchant Ti Fon Tai opened a brewery and a number of beerhouses in Khabarovsk. His beer won the gold medal of the 1913 St. Petersburg Exhibition.

Variants of package

  • 0.47 litre bottles
  • PET 1.35 liter

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer:

39.0 kcal
Original wort gravity
10.5 %
not exceeding 3.6 g


purified drinking water, light barley malt, rice grits, hop products.