E-Document Management Helps Baltika, together with Clients, Save about Three Hectares of Woods Annually

On International Clients’ Day, which is celebrated on March 19th, we thank our clients for cooperation and for our joint contribution to environment and nature conservation.

On the Clients’ Day, we calculated that that due to the transfer to the electronic document management (EDM) and electronic data interchange (EDI) the company’s departments exchange with our clients more than 600,00 documents per month. This allows it to save more than 40 tons of wood per year, equivalent to 693 trees. Therefore, Baltika saved more than 1.5 hectares of woods in 2018 alone. The figure almost doubles if we take into account the number of paper documents that were never printed by our clients. We expect that this figure will keep growing.

Indeed, transferring clients to electronic data interchange saves time, labor, paper, resources for preparing and sending documents, and also ensures better confidentiality and security of sensitive information. The migration to digital has increased the invoice processing speed by more than 100 times, as Baltika’s new system reduces this procedure to a one-click process.

We thank all our customers for their cooperation and their choice in favor of the Baltika products. The introduction of innovative digital solutions allows our company to consolidate its leading position in customer service among manufacturers of alcoholic beverages in Russia*. We will do our best to keep our customers happy and satisfied, justifiably stay in the lead, boost our performance and contribute to the support of the environment.

Digital transformation is one of the priorities of the Carlsberg Group business strategy SAIL’22 aimed at increasing the company’s performance. At the same time, another priority of this strategy is the sustainability programme “Together towards ZERO”. One of the ambitions of this program is “ZERO carbon footprint” in the production and distribution of the company’s products. Forests are the “lungs” of our planet and absorb CO2 emissions. Reducing paper consumption will help preserve green space, reduce waste and the company’s carbon footprint.

* As suggested by the Advantage Report® - Consumer Goods survey conducted in April-May 2018, Baltika scored the top notch in the Customer Service category. Advantage International has been conducting this research in Russia since 2009. Its goal is to assess the satisfaction of major retailers with particular suppliers. The survey involves CEOs, category managers, marketers and logistics professionals working for X5 Retail Group (Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Karusel chains), METRO, Magnit, Auchan, O’Key, Lenta and others. Baltika has been participating in this study since 2010.

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