Denis Sherstennikov to lead Baltika from 1 January 2021

Denis Sherstennikov, the current CEO of Carlsberg Bulgaria, has been appointed President of Baltika Breweries, a Carlsberg Group company, starting 1 January 2021. He will be replacing Lars Lehmann, the incumbent President of Baltika Breweries and Executive Vice President of the Carlsberg Group's Eastern Europe region. Starting in 2021, Lars Lehmann will lead the Central and Eastern Europe region, a new region for the Carlsberg Group.

Denis Sherstennikov joined Carlsberg in 1999. Over the course of his career, he has held a number of leading positions in sales and marketing, including the Vice President of Marketing for Baltika Breweries and Vice President of Marketing for the Eastern Europe region of the Carlsberg Group. In his new position, Denis will continue to advance Baltika's 2020-2022 business strategy, which aims to strengthen the company's key brands and presence in growing segments and channels through innovation, increased performance efficiency and tight control over spending.

Lars Lehmann was appointed President of Baltika Breweries in May 2019. Under Lars' stewardship, the company has achieved significant growth across a range of key financial indicators and has significantly enlarged its brand portfolio. As of 1 January 2021, Lars Lehmann will be taking over the Carlsberg Group's Central and Eastern Europe region. This new consolidated region includes Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, and Azerbaijan. Lehmann will also be in charge of Carlsberg's export and licensing business.


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Lars Lehmann, president of Baltika Breweries LLC, Executive Vice President Carlsberg Group Eastern Europe Region