Carlsberg Group and Baltika’s Top Managers Took Part in the SPIEF 2019 Morning Race

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum opened on June 6 with a traditional ROSCONGRESS SPIEF RACE. Together with other participants of the forum, Lars Lehmann, the new Baltika’s President, Carlsberg Group's Executive Vice President for Eastern Europe, Cees 't Hart, President and CEO of Carlsberg Group, Anders Bering, Carlsberg Group VP for Corporate Affairs and Elena Volgusheva, Senior Export and Intercompany Sales Director of Baltika Breweries ran the distance of 5 kilometers.

The morning race has become a good tradition of the Forum; its participants have the opportunity to see the iconic sights of St. Petersburg in a unique situation and also to expand business contacts in an informal setting and get energized in the anticipation of the rich business program of the Forum. This year, the race started on Isaakievskaya Square and passed through the historical center of St. Petersburg along Nevsky Prospekt, Marsovo Polye and the Dvortsovaya Embankment. The race was organized by the Roscongress Foundation and the World Class fitness club chain.

Lars Lehman, President of Baltika Breweries, Executive Vice President, Eastern Europe Region, Carlsberg Group: “This is my first forum as the President of Baltika, and I was pleasantly surprised that in addition to business events participants can also take part in a sports program. As a person who recently moved to St. Petersburg, I really enjoyed the race route: this is truly an exceptional opportunity to run through the almost empty center of the city and admire the stunning views. We at Baltika would like to motivate as many people as possible to go in for sports, and our non-alcoholic beer goes truly well with a healthy lifestyle.”

Baltika has been sponsoring sports marathons throughout Russia for several years now. In 2018, the participants of 11 marathons and 1 bicycle race could refresh themselves with the help of the “Baltika 0” non-alcoholic beer. Athletes around the world opt for this drink as non-alcoholic beer goes well with an active lifestyle and helps them recover from physical exertion. In Russia, this practice is just beginning to develop, and “Baltika 0” is at the forefront of the movement supporting major race events.

Elena Volgusheva, Senior Export and Intercompany Sale Director Baltika Breweries, part of the Carlsberg Group: “After the race, the body wants some carbonated drink rather than water – I can say this as a sports enthusiast who’s been in jogging for 10 years. Thanks to my work, I travel a lot and I can note that producers of non-alcoholic beer are sponsoring marathons around the world. Baltika also follows the international trend supporting major sporting events. Given the healthy lifestyle trend, which is becoming increasingly popular in our country, we are basically optimistic about the prospects for the non-alcoholic beer market and hope that the growth of the non-alcoholic segment will keep on.”

At the SPIEF 2019, Baltika also acts as a partner of session “HEADING FOR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: THE ORIGIN OF COORDINATES ON THE WAY TO NATIONAL GOALS,” during which Carlsberg Group VP for Corporate Affairs Anders Bering will tell how the growing interest of consumers to a healthy lifestyle changes the portfolio of the Group's brands. Mr. Bering will also present how the Company intends to participate in reducing the risks of harmful alcohol consumption, which is one of the objectives of the Federal program "Strengthening national health". Carlsberg Group VP will also talk about the strategic goals and initiatives of the Company until 2030, which are aimed at preserving health and well being of employees and consumers.

Baltika is interested in cooperation with authorities and other stakeholders, and is willing to contribute to combating binge drinking, preventing risk factors, and building healthy lifestyle mindsets.

The production and wide promotion of non-alcoholic beer is part of the company's strategic goal of ZERO irresponsible drinking. In 2019, Baltika increased the number of production sites capable of brewing non-alcoholic beers from 4 to 6, having introduced new sites in Novosibirsk and Yaroslavl. The total non-alcoholic beer brewing capacity of the company has reached 1.8 million hectoliters per year. Total investments in the launch of two non-alcoholic lines in Yaroslavl and Novosibirsk amounted to 80 million rubles. The company has invested 1.15 billion rubles in equipment and marketing support for non-alcoholic beer over the past 10 years.


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