Carlsberg Brewery — in Vladimir Pozner's Project at “The First Channel”

On the 11th of January 2019, the eighth episode of the film on Scandinavia “The Most. The Most. The Most” was broadcast at the Fist Channel. Vladimir Pozner, the program author visited the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen to get acquainted with the Danish approach to business, and went to the city of Odens in search of real Danish happiness.

“The Most. The Most. The Most” - a new series of documentary films-travels of Vladimir Pozner and Ivan Urgant. This time, the famous presenter went to Scandinavia and Finland.  The countries are united not only by a common history, but also by a high level of social harmony, people's trust in one another and development. “There are completely different ideas about work, honesty, decency. Therefore, it seems to me that these countries have achieved such phenomenal successes, no matter what sphere they take,” explains Vladimir Pozner. To understand how this approach is being implemented in the business and industry of countries, the famous journalist visited the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen. During the tour, Vladimir Pozner learned about Carlsberg's contribution to the development of science, art, education and brewing.

The brewery was founded in 1847 and became a part of the Danish history to form the basis of business ethics before the concept of corporate social responsibility emerged. During the tour, Vladimir Pozner learned about Carlsberg's contribution to the development of science, art, education and brewing. 

Anders Kallesen was a personal guide of Vladimir Pozner. Being the head of the excursion direction “Visit Carlsberg”, Anders told him about the meaning of the company's existence: “The long-standing objective of the brewery's operation, irrespective of the short-term benefit, should be the development of the brewing art to reach the highest possible pitch of excellence, so that this brewery and its products serve as a role model and help with its example to maintain brewing in our country at a reputable and high level.” You can see these “golden words” of Carlsberg founder at the entrance through the famous Elephant Gate.

“It's not about money, it's about creating a good product! So!”impressed Vladimir Pozner with the motto that the company lives from the moment of its foundation to the present day.

The famous host saw the exposition of hundreds of Carlsberg Group beers and had a tour of Jacob Jacobsen's house ― the founder of Carlsberg Group, where many famous scientists lived according to Jacobsen's last will and testament. For example, the fact that the famous Niels Bohr had lived and worked here for 32 years, delighted the host: “No way! Is this the house where the very Niels Bohr lived? Amazing!”

At the end of the tour, Vladimir Pozner appreciated the eco-friendly zero carbon bar, which the company opened to celebrate the 170th anniversary of Carlsberg. Energy for filling beer is produced by a wind generator and with the help of a bicycle: “Great idea: wind and bicycle. Do not do more in Danish! ”

Brewing famous presenter called this Danish happiness. And it became part of a big puzzle explaining why over the years, according to the Life Satisfaction Index, developed by the Department of Psychology at the University of Leicester (UK), Danes are the happiest people on Earth.

To find other puzzle pieces to reveal this secret, Vladimir Pozner visited a large and friendly Lindh family in the nursing home located in the city of Odense, in the homeland of, perhaps, the world's main storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. After talking to both experts in the field of happiness and average Danes, the host figured out a simple formula: a person can become happy only if he wants to change something in his life himself. And the very belief in everyday miracles is a part of the Danish mentality. One might find all these talks about happiness to be a kind of lyricism, in fact it is quite an important issue for the development of the economy and the country as a whole.

The full version of the recorded program in Russian is available on the official website of the First Channel.


Carlsberg Group is one of the largest brewery groups in the world, which owns a wide portfolio of beer brands and other beverages.  The company's top-of-the-line brand - Carlsberg is one of the most famous beer brands in the world; Baltika, Carlsberg and Tuborg are among the top eight major brands in Europe. You can find more information on the site

Carlsberg is a world-famous classical lager with a perfectly balanced taste. Since October 2002, Carlsberg has been produced in Russia by Baltika Breweries under the Carlsberg Breweries license. The production of this beverage at Russian breweries is constantly controlled by Danish brewers. The world-famous slogan "Probably the best beer in the world", pronounced by the famous English actor Orson Welles, was first used in England in 1973. A frothy drink from Denmark always enjoyed popularity even among the nobles and top public officials such as Elizabeth II or Winston Churchill. Carlsberg is still an official supplier of the Danish Royal Court. ABV is 4.6%.