Baltika Keeps Investing in Alcohol-Free Beer Growth

Baltika Breweries, the leader of the actively growing alcohol-free beer segment, will increase - from four to six – the number of respective production sites with innovative equipment. The total investment in the launch of two alcohol-free beer lines in Yaroslavl and Novosibirsk amounted to 80 million rubles. The company has invested 1.15 billion rubles in equipment and marketing of alcohol-free beer over the past 10 years.

The alcohol-free beer segment, which has been growing at double-digit rates over the past three years, saw record-high growth of 36% in 2018*. Last year Baltika accounted for more than 50%* of the alcohol-free beer segment in Russia. Sales dynamics of alcohol-free Baltika brands in 2018 was ahead of the market dynamics.

Following an important healthy lifestyle trend for our country and drawing on the experience of European countries, Baltika expands the number of sites capable of producing alcohol-free beers. Baltika produce alcohol-free beer in cities such as St. Petersburg, Samara, Tula, and Rostov-on-Don. In 2019, two more sites are added to this list - Novosibirsk and Yaroslavl, where the ceremonial launch took place on April 25. Overall, the company’s alcohol-free beer production capacity will amount to 1.8 million hectoliters per year after this upgrade.

The installed equipment will ensure the state-of-the-art alcohol-free beer brewing technology, the membrane filtration. This is an innovative method, under which alcohol is carefully removed from the finished beer while preserving the taste and flavor. Moreover, the method keeps intact vitamins and trace elements derived from natural malt and brewer’s yeast. Ultimately, thus brewed alcohol-free beer contains all the most important vitamins of B, A and E groups, as well as more than 30 minerals and trace elements.

Now as Baltika can produce beer at two more plants, it will be able to optimize logistics costs, be more flexible in meeting the demand by reducing the delivery timing and allowing the beer to reach consumers as fresh as possible.

* according to the retail audit by Nielsen, a global measurement and data analytics company, in the Urban and Rural Russia market, in volume terms.
** according to the company’s internal data, sales in Russia

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