Baltika is equipping the vehicle fleet with alcolocks

The first 300 cars with engine start blockers was added to the company's vehicle fleet in Voronezh, Moscow, Rostov, Samara, St. Petersburg, Tula and Yaroslavl.

Until recently, only vehicles for dangerous or highly valuable goods carriage were equipped with such blockers in Russia. We were the first of the FMCG companies who decided to install alcolocks on the entire fleet of the company.

More than 2000 Baltika vehicles transport our employees daily and deliver our products to customers. Therefore, it is important for us to be sure that the trips are carried out without risk for all road users. Carlsberg Group, within the framework of Responsible Drinking Policy, is trying to address the problem of drink driving in all countries of presence.

Baltika's cars equipping with alcolocks was implemented under the sustainable development program “Together Towards ZERO”, particularly, under one of its priority goals of “ZERO irresponsible drinking”. We hope to draw the attention of other leading manufacturers to the problem and together improve traffic safety.

It is worth noting that our employees understand all the responsibility and comply with the current legislation, and therefore there are no cases of driving while intoxicated. The feedback from drivers of vehicles with alcolocks confirms the advantages of such devices. Our colleagues believe that it can be an additional insurance that can eliminate the problem of subjective perception of their condition. Alcolock is a mechanism devoid of emotions, working within a clear framework of standards, which allows you to rely on its accuracy and objectivity.

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