Baltika commits to increase the collection and recycling of packaging towards 2022

With COVID-19 situation and the challenges that the economy and society is facing, sustainability of business is especially important. We believe it’s crucial to enhance our sustainability efforts through our Together Towards ZERO ambitions in order to boost the economy and support new models of consumption. We’ve achieved significant environmental results by reducing the footprint of the finished products and improving the breweries’ power efficiency. And we are ready to be committed even more. By 2022, Baltika is committed to collect and recycle minimum 50% of all packaging released by company for Russian market.

Baltika’s key sustainability achievements in 2019:

  • Reducing carbon footprint Since 2015, Baltika has reduced its breweries’ carbon footprint by 26,2%. Despite the decline in production volumes, the company managed to reduce the specific emission levels by 0.3% compared to 2015. This was made possible through an ongoing program to improve power efficiency, and by the use of renewable energy sources (the cold, the biogas) and the reduction of waste.
  • Packaging Recycling. In 2019 Baltika has collected and recycled 100,000 tons of waste packaging, which includes 15,000 tons PET bottles. The company has signed contacts with 19 new partners for collecting and recycling as part of the project “Help your city”. Baltika expanded the project’s capacity to 10,000 recycling containers in 50 Russian cities and towns and launched a trial project with the VkusVill retail chain, being the first in Russia to install recycling vending machines. The collection and recycling of packaging allows it to be recycled: more than 60% of the aluminum and glass waste collected as part of the project “Help your city” is recycled and forwarded to packaging suppliers. For instance, Baltika’s cans and bottles contain 30% of recycled materials. By 2022, Baltika is planning to collect and process at least 50% of all packaging released in Russia, which includes 58% of PET bottles.
  • Efficient water use. Baltika has reduced the absolute water consumption by 24% since 2015, including by reducing water waste and rationalizing the water consumption in production and technical needs. Since 2017, the company has invested 1.6 billion rubles in the construction of water treatment facilities in Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and St. Petersburg.
  • Zero Accident Culture. The company is focused on Health & Safety, that’s why we’ve developed a Zero Accident culture. We also keep enhancing the preventive measures, especially in COVID situation. With the help of safety experts, the company has prevented over 83,000 Near Miss situations, trained 100% of managers on Safety Leadership, and trained 100% of production and logistics staff on Behavioral Audits. COVID prevention measures allows the company to ensure the staff’s safety, to fulfill its liabilities before the suppliers, and to help the society. 
  • Zero Irresponsible Drinking. Baltika offers its customers a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks, having the largest portfolio of alcohol-free brands in the sector. The Baltika 0 brand accounts for 46%* of sales of non-alcoholic beer in Russia. Baltika was the first in FMCG sector to equip its transport with alcohol interlocks.
  • Economic contribution. In 2019, Baltika, which directly provides over 9,300 jobs at breweries in Voronezh, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tula, Khabarovsk and Yaroslavl, as well as its sales offices and warehouses, has provided 180,000 additional jobs in related sectors. It accounts for approximately 19 additional jobs per regular employee. The tax payments of the company to the Russian budget in 2019 amounted to about 56.1 billion rubles, 66% of which are excise duties (37.3 billion rubles). Added value from production and sales created by the company, its partners, and suppliers, exceeded 37.54 billion rubles in 2019.

Regardless of Any Distance, We Stay Together: help local communities fight COVID-19

In COVID-19 situation Baltika’s social priority is to help the local communities. In cooperation with our partners, public organizations and government agencies, Baltika has launched a social campaign Regardless of Any Distance, We Stay Together aimed at supporting the locals during the epidemic.  We focus on supporting elderly people who are most vulnerable to the virus and paramedics who face the extreme pressure now. To date, Baltika has supplied more than 500,000 pieces of protective equipment to regional care homes for seniors, as well as to doctors, volunteers and elderly people, and has provided them with more than 240,000 units of non-alcoholic beverages in all Russian regions of Baltika’s activity.

Furthermore, Baltika also supports the “Uniting Business and Governments to Recover Better” statement, launched by the UN Global Compact, the Science Based Targets initiative and the We Mean Business coalition in May 2020, as part of the Carlsberg Group. We strongly believe that societies across the world can recover better from the effects of COVID-19, by remaining committed to a resilient zero carbon economy. Carlsberg has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2008, has had an approved Science Based Target and part of the We Mean Business Coalition since 2017.

More information on Sustainability in News Section on the company’s web-site and in the Corporate Sustainability Report

(* Nielsen retail-audit data for Russia, 2019).


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