Baltika Breweries starts export to Qatar

Baltika Breweries, part of the Carlsberg Group, announces start of export to Qatar. First company products, available on the market, will be non-alcoholic malt drinks Baltika 0: with grain and lemon tastes.

Baltika Breweries will start market development with the capital of Qatar - Doha. Non-alcoholic malt drinks Baltika 0 will be available in traditional trade and modern trade channels. Target audience will mainly be young people.

The first 10,000 l batch has already been shipped from St. Petersburg port. The Qatar market is quite complex in terms of legislative restrictions. There are complete ban on the alcoholic beverages sale and consumption and special requirements for product labeling on the market - information about the product must be in Arabic. In addition, products must meet Halal requirements. 

Baltika Breweries received the Halal certificate for the Baltika 0 line of non-alcoholic malt drinks and Flash Up energy drink in 2014, after that time it annually undergoes audits, the last one in September 2017.

Baltika Breweries products are represented on the Middle East market since 2000. First, Baltika appeared on the Israel market, and since 2004 it has become available at the Arab Middle East market. The company's export sales develop successfully in the region. For example, the company's sales to the region increased by 25% in 2017 compared to the previous year. Today Baltika brands can be found on the shop shelves in the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Oman and Israel. Baltika Breweries supplies both – alcoholic and non-alcoholic products to the markets, depending on the legislation requirements and consumer preferences in specific countries.

Despite the fact that there is a large number of imported products in the region, non-alcoholic beer and malt drinks Baltika 0 as well as the permanent export flagship Baltika 7 have densely occupied their niche - consumers highly appreciate them for high quality and unequaled taste.

Elena Volgusheva, export and intercompany sales director: «Baltika Breweries export development strategy implies sales growth not only due to perfect work with the assortment on the current markets, but also due to new markets opening. Today our products are available on more than 75 markets, in 43 of which company is the only Russian exporter in the category. This list expands constantly. The Middle East region is extremely difficult due to the large differences in consumer preferences, specificity, high competition. But it is very promising, that's why we pay special attention to it».


Qatar is a state (emirate) in the Middle East, located on the Qatari peninsula in the north-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders with Saudi Arabia in the south, on all other sides it is washed by the Persian Gulf. In the north-west has a sea border with the islands of Bahrain, in the southeast - the sea border with the UAE. Qatar is one of the richest states in the world, according to the IMF, this country has been leading the world in terms of GDP per capita in the past few years with a large margin. Qatar is the 3rd largest natural gas producer in the world, the 6th largest exporter of natural gas in the world and a major exporter of oil and petroleum products (21st in the world). It is part of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Baltika 0 malt drink is a natural non-alcoholic beverage that has a pure wheaten smell with deep bread yeast notes and bitterness in the aftertaste. Has got the same taste as classic beer. It is made according to the traditional brewing technology with the exception of the fermentation stage from slightly fried barley malt and hops.

Baltika 0 lemon malt drink is a natural non-alcoholic malt drink that has got sweetish taste with delicate bitter notes and lemon scent, the variety is beautiful golden color. Baltika 0 lemon malt drink is made of hops, as well as light and caramel varieties of barley malt. It is made according to the traditional brewing technology with the exception of the fermentation stage from slightly fried barley malt and hops, so the ready-made does not contain any alcohol.

Baltika Breweries, part of the Carlsberg Group, is one of the largest companies in Russia in the sphere of consumer goods production, №1 on Russian beer market since 1996. Baltika Breweries has got 8 breweries in Russia and a large brand portfolio. The company is being the significant part of Carlsberg Group and its Eastern Europe region, which also include Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. Baltika Breweries is the major Russian beer exporter: with the products available in more than 75 countries of the world, in 43 of which Baltika Breweries is the only Russian beer exporter. Brands of the company are the owners of more than 670 Russian and international awards of professional and consumer competitions.


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