Baltika 0 won the biggest international tasting competition award

Jury panel of ‘Superior Taste Award’, established by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi), awarded ‘Baltika 0’ with a gold star and a ‘Notable Taste’ title

‘Baltika 0’ won the award based on the results of the blind tasting sessions that took place in Brussels. The 'Superior Taste Award' is given to products that met or exceeded the jury panel's expectations in terms of taste. In 2018, the jury of the competition brought together 175 chefs and sommeliers from the most prestigious European Culinary Professionals Associations and Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI).

Products were tasted ‘blindly’ and evaluated by independent professionals in the field of food and beverages. During tasting, the jury did not know neither a brand name, nor its country of origin, nor a producer. Thus, the tasters were guided exclusively by the taste pleasure.

The ‘Superior Taste Award’ medal was added to awards list of ‘Baltika 0’ since its production started in 2001. Awards of the brand include a gold medal of the International Beer Summit in Japan and a silver medal of the World Beer Cup in the USA. ‘Baltika 0’ is exported in more than 45 countries, including USA, Cuba, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland.

In total, Baltika brands have more than 670 Russian and international awards of professional and consumer competitions, including International beer Challenge, European Beer Star Awards, World Beer Awards and many more.

Victoria Pavlikova, ‘Baltika 0’ Brand Manager: ‘’Baltika 0’ is the leader of the alcohol-free segment in Russia with a market share of more than 50%*. The 'Superior Taste Award' reasserts the high quality of our alcohol-free beer. ‘Baltika 0’ is made only of high-quality natural ingredients using a unique method of dialysis – removal of alcohol from the finished beer, which preserves the rich taste and aroma’.

The membrane filtering method, which is used for ‘Baltika 0’ production is an innovative technology that Baltika mastered first among Russian brewers. Today the company is a successful manufacturer of high-quality ‘Baltika 0’ alcohol-free beer at the breweries in Saint Petersburg, Tula, Rostov-on-Don and Samara.

Pavel Erankevich, Senior Strategy and National Brands Development Director:Baltika 0’ award of the biggest tasting competition is the best proof of the worldwide recognition of its taste and quality. Thanks to the unique production technology, ‘Baltika 0’ has traditional taste, for which light lagers are highly appreciated. World-class experts did justice to it as well. Consumers also appreciate this alcohol-free brand – ‘Baltika 0’ has repeatedly won competitions of public tasting. Baltika gives only the best to consumers. The quality of our products is always at consistent high level due to the fact that all our breweries are equipped with high-tech equipment, modern technologies and a complex quality management system that are implemented in production. We ensure careful supervision of our products at each stage of production and logistics’.

Eric de Spolber, iTQi Managing Director: "We are very satisfied with the tests of 2018. Our mission in iTQi is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of consumer food and beverages. Therefore, we were glad to hear the comments of the jury panel about the exceptionally high level of the tested products this year. We awarded more than 1,800 products. This suggests that manufacturers are increasingly seeking to find different ways to differentiate their products in crowded markets and to assure buyers of high quality of their products.“

Baltika implements the approach of total quality control – "from field to glass", thereby ensuring high quality and safety of its products. Beer is brewed in strict compliance with technical regulations, recipes and standards, only from natural ingredients. The company carries out all the necessary measures to fulfill the requirements of regulatory documents for materials and raw materials, food products, manufacturing, storage, transportation and sales conditions.

*retail audit data of Nielsen Research Company in terms of Urban and Rural Russia markets. 


Baltika Breweries LLC, part of the Carlsberg Group is one of the largest FMCG producers in Russia. Since 1996, the company has been ranked Number One in the Russian beer market. Baltika owns 8 breweries in Russia and enjoys an expanded brand portfolio, which includes more than 40 national and regional beer brands and 8 non-beer brands. The company is an essential part of Carlsberg Group and its region of Eastern Europe which also includes Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Baltika Breweries is the leading exporter of Russian beer: its products are represented in more than 75 countries of the world, for 43 of them the company is the only Russian supplier in this category. Foreign partners choose Baltika because of impeccable quality of its produce and high level of service. In 2015-2016 Baltika products entered the markets of Romania, New Zealand, Burkina Faso, Pakistan, and Argentina.

Baltika 0 is an alcohol-free beer, which is produced using dialysis technology – careful removal of alcohol from the finished beer, but not using the technology of fermentation suppression. It is this method that makes it possible to produce alcohol-free beer that has the same taste as beer containing alcohol. At the same time, traditional recipe and high-quality raw materials are used. Baltika 0 production started in 2001. It has traditional taste and aroma of lager with sweetish notes. Currently, Baltika 0 is the leader of alcohol-free beer market in Russia with a share of more than 50% (data of Nielsen retail audit Russia). This is the most popular alcohol-free  beer in Russia. This brand has been recognized many times as the best alcohol-free beer at Russian and international professional competitions.


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