‘Baltika 0 Unfiltered Wheat’: Gold Medal at the British International Beer Challenge 2018

A new specialty of 2017 ‘Baltika 0 Unfiltered Wheat’ was awarded gold medal at the prestigious British International Beer Challenge 2018 contest. The judges highly appreciated the superior quality and unique refreshing taste of the drink and selected it as winner in ‘Specialty Beers’ category.

The International Beer Challenge is an annual international contest, which is the largest professional tasting competition of packaged beer in the world. This year, the competition was held in the UK for the 21st time. For several days, famous tasters and international brewing experts were selecting the best brands of the drink from different countries. During tasting, each product is given a numeric code, and then it is blind- tasted and awarded score by judges for its aroma, appearance, taste and other criteria.

This year, alcohol-free ‘Baltika 0 Unfiltered Wheat” was awarded gold medal in the ‘Specialty Beers’ category. This special unfiltered beer, which was added to Baltika’s alcohol-free portfolio last year, has a unique taste with fruit notes and is noted for its special freshness and dense foam head. It is a brand new alcohol-free drink, which allows not to limit yourself and enjoy the rich taste of unfiltered beer at any time.

Pavel Erankevich, Senior Strategy and National Brands Development Director,  Baltika Breweries, part of the Carlsberg Group: “It's a pleasure to see that our unique alcohol-free brand ‘Baltika 0 Unfiltered Wheat’ has gained recognition and won the favor of consumers and professionals. The Gold medal at the international competition ‘International Beer Challenge 2018’ is, first of all, another proof of the superior quality and excellent taste of ‘Baltika 0 Unfiltered Wheat’, and secondly, it confirms that we always try to offer our consumers the best brands in line with advanced world trends and innovative approaches to brewing.”


Baltika Breweries, part of the Carlsberg Group, is the leader of the Russian beer market and is well ahead of its competitors, being one of the largest producers of consumer goods in Russia. Baltika owns 8 breweries in Russia and a wide brand portfolio. The company is a significant part of the Carlsberg Group and its Eastern Europe region, which also includes Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Baltika Breweries is the top exporter of the Russian beer: the products of the company are present in more than 75 countries around the world. Thanks to the superior quality, Baltika brands received more than 670 Russian and international awards in professional and consumer competitions. Find out more about the company on its website or on the Vkontakte official page.

 “Baltika 0” is alcohol-free beer, which is produced with the use of the membrane filtration method ― careful removal of alcohol from the finished beer, without any use of stuck fermentation method. It is this method that makes it possible to produce alcohol-free beer, which has the same taste as beer containing alcohol. At the same time, traditional recipe and high-quality raw materials are used. ‘Baltika 0’ production started in 2001. It has a traditional taste and aroma of a lager with sweet notes. Currently, ‘Baltika 0’ is an alcohol-free beer market leader in Russia with a share of about 50% (according to Nielsen retail audit Russia). This is the most popular alcohol-free beer in Russia. This brand was repeatedly recognized as the best alcohol-free beer in Russian and international professional competitions. In 2018, ‘Baltika 0’ was awarded the Gold Star at the international Superior Taste Award competition.

“Baltika 0 Unfiltered Wheat” is a new specialty, which appeared in the alcohol-free portfolio of ‘Baltika 0’ brand in 2017. It is a mild refreshing beer with a unique taste. Thanks to wheat malt, the beer has a pleasant aroma with spicy and citrus notes and an amber matt color, which is characteristic of unfiltered brands.


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