Yuriy Chentyrev, Regional Production Director, Russia

Yuriy started his career in 1990 at 5th Leningrad Dairy Factory as an operator of refrigerators and compressors, three years later he became a senior supervisor of refrigerators and compressors department. He joined Baltika Brewery in 1995 and in 1997 was promoted to head of steam-water supply department. In August 2001 Yuriy became head of construction of the new brewery in Samara, in May 2002 entered the office of Managing Director of Baltika-Samara brewery and since 2004 he was Managing Director of Baltika-Saint-Petersburg.

After military service Yuriy Chentyrev entered Leningrad College of Refrigerating Industry. In 2002 - graduated from Moscow University of Statistics, Information and Economics, majoring in management.

Yuriy Chentyrev is appointed Regional Production Director on 31 October 2014.