Vladislav Bolshakov, Yarpivo Brewery Director

Vladislav Bolshakov has started his career at «Baltika» in 2001 as a project engineer during «Baltika-Don» production facilities reconstruction. After the project completion in 2003 Vladislav took the lead of the steam and water supply section. In 2004 he became Chief Power Engineer at «Yuzhnaya Zarya 1974» Brewery. There in 2006 he was appointed to the position of Chief Engineer. In 2015 Vladislav acted as the Head of Operational Efficiency Department at «Baltika» Headquarters as a part of the short-term staff rotation programme.

Vladislav Bolshakov has been in charge of Voronezh Brewery since September 2015. He proved himself as a leader with lateral thinking, able to face challenging tasks.

Vladislav was in charge of the Reengineering project which has delivered the increase of the production flexibility, the reduction of costs and energy consumption, while, unquestionably, keeping high quality of the produced beer. Owing to his personal contribution, Voronezh Brewery set up its beer shop and successfully launched Tank Beer project.

Vladislav graduated from the St.Petersbourg Higher Naval Engineering School.

On April 1, 2019 Vladislav Bolshakov has been appointed the director of Yarpivo Brewery.