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  • august 28, 2003

    Baltica Brewery demonstrates the positive dynamics of the major indices as compared to the 1st quarter of 2003

    In the 1st half of 2003 Baltica Corporation sold 8.0 mil hl of beer. Market share of the company comprised 21.1% by the end of the 1st half of 2003. Export sales increased by 9% as compared to the 1st half of the previous year and comprised 497 thousand hl.

  • july 22, 2003

    Baltika Brewery introduces nonalcoholic beer to the Islamic market

    According to the exclusive agreement signed between the Baltika Brewery and an Iranian counteragent, the Baltika Brewery will deliver first batches of the Baltika Nonalcoholic #0 beer to Iran in the end of July, 2003. Baltika plans to reach a sales volume of 300 thousand decaliters of nonalcoholic beer by the end of 2004, which will be a 20% share of Iran's overall beer market. The retail price of the Baltika Nonalcoholic #0 beer is expected to be about 30,000 rials ($3 to $4). The high quality of the product as well as the reasonable price and advertising policy will ensure successful advance of the Russian nonalcoholic beer to the Middle East. The beer will be produced in 0.5L cans and delivered by the Caspian Sea via Astrakhan to Iran.

  • june 4, 2003

    The Baltika Brewery Public Corp. has begun producing Baltika Lager #1 in aluminum cans with an original football-style design

    Supporting sport activities in Russia has long been a good tradition of the Baltika Company. The Baltika Company has been the General Partner of this year's Russian Football Championship. It was this event for which the introduction of the new Baltika #1 beer brand was dated. The new, original design of the beer can was developed specially for football fans, and, what is more, this Baltika #1 beer has its own special flavor.

  • june 1, 2003

    The Baltika Brewery is chosen to be an exclusive beer supplier to the Congress Hall

    During the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, the Baltika Brewery will supply beer to the Congress Hall where official meetings of presidents of different states and other honorary guests to St. Petersburg will take place.

  • may 28, 2003

    The Baltika Brewery introduces the Baltika Golden #5 beer in new original glass bottles

    The Baltika-Petersburg Brewery started producing the Baltika Golden #5 beer in original 0.5-L glass bottles. The design of the bottle really fits the exquisite tastes of premium beer connoisseurs.

  • may 27, 2003

    The Baltika Company's St. Petersburg Beer Factory started producing Carlsberg canned beer

    The St. Petersburg Baltika Beer Factory started producing Carlsberg beer in 0.5-L cans. Before a full-scale production of this beer brand was started, the product was sent to Denmark for tasting. The tasting was carried out by TastePanel, a body of professional tasters, who found that the Carlsberg beer produced in St. Petersburg, Russia, was excellent

  • may 16, 2003

    The Honorary Consulate of the Federative Republic of Brazil in St. Petersburg, Russia

    Luiz Fernando Furlan, Minister of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade of Brazil, and Fernando Furlan, chief of administration of the Ministry of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade of Brazil, started their informal visit to St. Petersburg, Russia

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