Baltika-Khabarovsk brewery

  • Foundation date: 2003
  • Director of brewery: Alexander Vershinin
  • Contact info:

    Address: Voronezhskoye shosse, d. 142
    680042 Khabarovsk
    Tel. +7 (4212) 41-15-51

Baltika-Khabarovsk is the largest brewery in the Far East. It was built in record time, over the course of 13 months. The factory was equipped with the most modern equipment of the world’s leading firms. The production capacity of the factory at its opening was 100 million litres of beer per year. The opening of the enterprise took place on April 11, 2003. Baltika invested $54 million in the economy of the Khabarovsk Krai.

In beer production at the Khabarovsk factory special attention is devoted to the quality of water. Water is obtained from artesian wells on the territory of the factory and undergoes multi-stage purification and scrupulous quality controls at every step. In the Baltika-Khabarovsk subsidiary, they follow in great detail the treatment of waste water. In 2004 a biological purification facility made by the German firm ENVIRO CHEMIE was installed at a cost of $3.6 million. Baltika-Khabarovsk is the only enterprise in the Far East having a purification system on this level.

The Khabarovsk brewery produces the popular regional beer DV. When the factory was being designed and built, specialists in St Petersburg created the recipe for a proprietary beer taking into account the preferences of consumers in the Far Eastern Region. As soon as DV Lager beer appeared on the market, it won the gold medal at the International Exhibition and Fair "Khabprodmarket Vitrina-2003." Meanwhile, in the same year (2003) DV Classic was found to be best in the Interregional Amur Fair of Trade and Industry. Over the course of several years, the DV brand has remained the absolute leader in the Far East in sales volume.

Today the production capacity of the factory amounts to 1.6 million hectolitres per year.

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