Tula Brewery

  • Foundation date: 1974
  • Director of brewery: Alexei Iljin
  • Contact info:

    Address: P.O. Box 1742, 85 Odoevskoye shosse, Tula 300036
    Tel.: +7 (4872) 32-99-09

Tula brewery with the annual design capacity of 5.5 mln. dal was built in 1974. On February 14, 1974 Tula brewers brewed the first batch of Barkhatnoye (Velvet) beer. After a number of reorganizations within a year and a half, in 1992 the brewery became TAOPIN joint-stock company, beer and beverages producer.

In 1997 Baltic Beverages Holding AB became a shareholder of the brewery. In 1999 the brewery’s controlling interest was purchased by Baltika Breweries and in 2002 the enterprise became a branch of Baltika Breweries receiving the name of Baltika-Tula.

Responsible producer

Since 1999 substantial investments have been funneled into modernization of production. The total amount of investment exceeded USD 200 mln. The major projects were aimed at increasing the production capacity of the brewery.

In 2004 Baltika-Tula branch launched a malthouse with the annual capacity of 130 ths. tonnes .  

Since 2006 more than 40 million USD have been invested into the production modernization. Major projects were aimed at increasing the production capacity of the brewery. Within the framework of the investment program the brewery has installed a new bottling line (0.5 liter glass bottles) and filter equipment in the brewhouse, expanded the BBT department, installed additional equipment for beer production in one-liter cans, reconstructed the equipment of the elevator, expanded the warehouse for packaging and finished goods, and purchased vehicles for products transportation.

To improve the quality of the products, cut costs and to develop the management systems at the enterprise in 2010 the enterprise modernized its brewing and bottling shops, malthouse (increasing the malt production capacities up to 130 thousand tonnes per year with investments of about RUB 5 mln.), reconstructed the water supply systems, built industrial waste water treatment facilities (with investments of about RUB 20 mln.), and developed IT solutions.

In 2012 the enterprise completed construction of biological local treatment facilities (BLOS) for production waste water with the daily capacity of 6,500 cubic meters that allowed meeting the requirements of a public water service company. The total amount of investments was approx. RUB 550 mln. 

The company pays special attention to quality issues: Baltika Breweries have the most state-of-the-art equipment, well-trained personnel, advanced quality management systems. Only the best raw materials are used in production.

Baltika – Tula brewery is a major taxpayer of the Tula region. In 2006 – 2009 its revenues to the regional budget exceeded RUB 7.3 bln., including over RUB 1.5 bln. of the income tax. In 2012 about RUB 6 bln. was contributed to the regional budget, including excises.

Steady ties of the enterprise with Tula agro-industrial complex are of special significance for the economy of the region.  In 2010, brewing barley grown in the region within Baltika’s agricultural project (over 27 ths. hectares) accounted for 30% of barley grown in the region. The agricultural enterprises of the Tula region received more than RUB 300 mln. for the yield of the brewing barley in 2009.    

Brand portfolio

The brewery produces 35 beer brands, including Baltika, Arsenalnoye, Nevskoye, Yarpivo, Bolshaya Kruzhka, Tuborg, Carlsberg as well as Khlebny Krai kvass. In 2010 the brewery started production of a nonalcoholic Crazy lemonade

Responsible employer

The total number of the brewery employees is 724 people. The compensations and benefits provided to the company employees are one of the best in the region: voluntary medical insurance, additional sick leave benefits, food allowance, financial aid in cases of marriage, childbirth, anniversary, retirement, etc. A sports and recreation complex has been established for the employees on the premises.

Community engagement

Baltika is actively involved in CSR events and social projects at the national and regional level. The company has been rendering charitable aid to institutions of healthcare, education, culture and social protection. RUB 3 mln. Has been donated for the restoration of Tula Kremlin, installation of the water treatment system in schools and pre-school institutions of the Tula region, etc.

Projects and initiatives

From April till November 2012 the employees and partners of the brewery participated in the Drive Sober! initiative to prevent drunk driving. The total number of Tula residents engaged in the project was over 13,000 people.

The ‘Manage Your Future’ project aimed at development of young specialists enabled three students of TulSU to undergo training at our enterprise and get employed.

Within the Kvass Get-Together project more than 200 mothers and their children were trained in traditional folk crafts.

In April-September 2012 Baltika-Tula supported the regional project ‘Clean Banks and Berths’. More than 500 volunteers were engaged in the clean-up in Tula, Novomoskovye, Zaoksk, Efremov, and Plavsk.

The Beer Patrol project aimed at preventing beer sales to the underage has been implemented by our employees for more than five years already. The project is supported by the MIA for the Tula region. In December 2012 – March 2013 alone raids were carried out in 250 outlets of the Tula region.  

The brewery uses returnable containers in production, which reduces its environmental footprint. In 2012 alone about 14 million glass bottles were accepted for reuse.

Our brewery is open for visitors. In 2003 the Baltika-Tula brewery has constructed a gallery for the tourists to visit the production facilities. In 2012 our enterprise was visited by over 5,000 people.

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