Baltika presents the long-awaited new product - "Medovoe" beer!

november 20, 2017

«Балтика» представляет новинку - «Медовое» пивоMany beer enthusiasts love and remember the famous brand “Medovoe” (Honey), developed at Baltika brewery in 1999. In response to customers’ demand Baltika resumed production of the legendary beer. The new brew “Medovoe” will supplement the portfolio of the company's draught beers.

In recent years, the Draught in off-trade (DIOT) has become the most fast-growing segment in the Russian beer market. According to  the nine-month results, DIOT segment  amounted to 10,3%* of all beer market and grew by 2.1 percentage points as compared to 9 months in 2016. Baltika is the No.1 company (in terms of volumes and value) in this segment with a market share of 20.7%*. Over 9 months of 2017 the company increased its volume market share in DIOT by 7.0 percentage points* compared to the same period last year.

Baltika expands its presence in the DIOT segment having released a new “Medovoe” beer this November. This beer was recreated according to the recipe of the very same “Medovoe”, the legendary beer first brewed by Baltika brewers in 1999.

Honey beer - is one of the oldest drinks, glorified in legends, sagas and folk tales. In the Ancient Rus, the Slavs added honey to beer in order to give the drink a bright aroma and a balanced mild flavor with malt bitterness. That's why many Russians loved the “Medovoe”, when it was first brewed by Baltika brewers.

Light lager beer “Medovoe” is distinguished by rich golden color and unique aroma/ Natural honey in the recipe gently emphasizes hop bitterness and perfectly complements the taste of beer, while introducing something fresh in it, highlighting the originality and bright character of the drink. Each sip of this unusual beer leaves a pleasant warmth feeling, but at the same time, it is perfectly refreshing.

The novelty has expanded Baltika draught beer portfolio and in November it will appear in the outlets selling draught beer, all across the country.

Igor Mayorkin, Senior Draught Beer Sales Director of Baltika Breweries LLC, part of the Carlsberg Group: “We see that the popularity of draught beer is growing and the public is highly interested in unusual brews and tastes. Taking into account consumers’ preferences, we make local offers in different cities, experiment with brands and tastes. This year we’ve decided to recreate the legend - “Medovoe” beer! Light, easy-drinking, with a pleasant honey aroma, brewed according to the old recipes on the advanced equipment, this beer will be on sale at a very attractive price all across the country”.

*retail audit data of the Nielsen research company in terms of volume for the Urban and Rural Russia markets.


Baltika Breweries LLC, part of the Carlsberg Group, — is one of the largest producers of consumer goods in Russia since 1996 - No.1 in the Russian beer market. Baltika owns 8 factories in Russia and a wide brand portfolio. The company is a significant part of the Carlsberg Group and its Eastern Europe region, which also includes Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.  Baltika Breweries is a top exporter of the Russian beer: the products are presented in more than 75 countries worldwide; in 43 of them the company is the only Russian supplier in this category.

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