How the company maintains an open dialog with its employees

may 25, 2017

Яцек Пастушка и Юрий ЧипчевIt’s been ten years since the employees and the management of “Baltika” have developed an open dialog. The key role in its establishment plays Labor Collective Council, which was set up at the initiative of the employees in 2007. On May 18-24th, the 5th staff conference and collective bargaining were held in the headquarters of “Baltika” in Saint Petersburg. 95 delegates representing interests of the staff from all company’s divisions summarized the outcome of the work of the last years and outlined plans up to 2020.

Председатель СТК обратился с приветственным словомWith the establishment of Labor Collective Council, social partnership in “Baltika” has reached a fundamentally new level: when dealing with social issues, the opinion of every employee is taken into consideration. The members of Labor Collective Council, who are the representatives of different Company’s divisions collect, analyze and present suggestions to the management. In the frame of the conference, the composition of Labor Collective Council was renewed. Following the result of a secret ballot, 17 representatives from various company’s divisions were elected to the Labor Collective Council. Yuriy Chipchev, Service Supervisor of the Divisional Customer SC “North-West”, was re-elected as Chairman of the Labor Collective Council.

Трудовой коллективOn May 22-23, the negotiations were held during which the newly elected Labor Collective Council, the representative of the trade union of Baltika-Yaroslavl and Company’s top management discussed new collective labor agreement, which provides for transparent and cooperative relations with the employer. The agreement is revised every three years in order to improve social and labor relations and conditions for staff as compared to current legislation. Over the past three years “Baltika” has channeled more than а billion rubles to the implementation of social guarantees established in the last collective labor agreement. As a result of the negotiations, a new version of the agreement was developed where the existing package of social guarantees was fully preserved and even extended.

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