A unique specialty — kvass "Khlebny Krai White" — is now available in stores

may 10, 2017

Khlebny KraiBaltika Breweries, part of the Carlsberg Group, has launched a brand new product in Russia — kvass "Khlebny Krai White". The specialty will be sold all over the country.

White kvass is real craft kvass brewed of natural ingredients in accordance with the live fermentation technology without any preservatives and artificial additives. The taste of the specialty has turned out to be really summery and freshening. The slightly sour taste of the drink will perfectly quench the thirst even on the hottest day.

Pale barley malt provides the kvass with an unusual pleasant matted, almost white color. The modern stylish transparent packaging distinguishes "White kvass" on the shelf among other drinks and makes it unique for the category.

"Khlebny Krai White" is a real vibrant and refreshing taste of summer in a stylish packaging. The specialty will be produced in four breweries of the company in Saint-Petersburg, Samara, Yaroslavl and Novosibirsk in 1.5 liter PETs. Since April 2017, kvass can be found on the shelves of retail stores and in retail trade networks all over the country.

Ekaterina Potokina, Senior License, Low and Non-alcoholic Brands Development Director: "Khlebny Krai White" is a unique unparalleled specialty in the kvass category. This product is targeted at the youth market, it perfectly quenches thirst and can become a worthy alternative to carbonated non-alcoholic beverages."


Kvass "Khlebny Krai" is produced in accordance with the traditional technology, which helps to retain vitamins and useful micro-elements. Only natural ingredients are used for the production of kvass "Khlebny Krai", it does not contain any preservatives and artificial additives. "Khlebny Krai" has a rich aroma and classic refreshing taste of real Russian kvass. The combination of barley and rye malt sorts supplies the drink with the rich and unforgettable taste. "Khlebny Krai" is an ideal drink for quenching the thirst.

Having appeared in April 2009, in July of the same year "Khlebny Krai" received its first award. At the 11th Moscow International Beer Festival (July 8–12), it was the "gold" award winner in the "Best Debut" nomination of "People's Tasting", the main contest of the festival.Besides, in 2009 kvass "Khlebnyi Krai" received a silver medal in the "Best Quality" contest within the framework of the 13th Food and Agriculture Exhibition "Rostov — Hospitable — 2009". In 2011, "Khlebnyi Krai" became a laureate at the regional stage of the "100 best goods of Russia" program at the "Tula Quality" fair. And in 2012 the brand was awarded with the 1st grade certificate in the "Fermentation Drinks" category at the 9th Annual Festival of Beer, Wine, Spirits and Non-Alcoholic Products in Yekaterinburg.

Baltika Breweries LLC, part of the Carlsberg Group is one of the largest FMCG producers in Russia. Since 1996, the company has been ranked Number One in the Russian beer market. Baltika owns 8 breweries in Russia and enjoys an expanded brand portfolio. The company is an essential part of Carlsberg Group and its region of Eastern Europe which also includes Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Baltika Breweries is the leading exporter of Russian beer: its products are represented in more than 75 countries of the world, for 43 of them the company is the only Russian supplier in this category.

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