Tuborg unveils new marketing campaign that inspires cultural discovery

march 23, 2017

The Borg ArtboardPremium Danish lager brand Tuborg has unveiled a new global marketing campaign that invites representatives of new generation around the world to ‘give pulse to the moment’ by creating moments of cultural discovery and exploration.

In the new campaign, Tuborg aims to reach and engage young adults around the world. The main emphasis in the renewed campaign is made on the traditions and heritage of the brand, as well as in connection with the youth musical culture.


Already 137 years - since 1880- Tuborg has provided a social pulse to generations of young people through its partnerships with festivals. First appeared in Russia in 2005 Tuborg Greenfest brings together popular performers and helps "set the beat" in many countries of Eastern Europe. The legacy of Tuborg is reflected in the film about the brand, which premiered at the end of March on TV, and in digital content, a limited collection of beer cans and in-store POS.


 A new brand film, ‘the beat through time’ will tell the story of Tuborg’s history in providing the pulse for young people’s social connections through the generations. Created by Happiness Brussels, the film will be rolled out globally on TV and digital during two years.


TuborgThe refreshed visual identity, the first since 2012, sees existing elements updated in a dynamic and more youthful treatment, alongside entirely new brand iconography. The branding agency Turner Duckworth, famous for the Coca-Cola brand renewal project, has developed a design concept based on the blue color palette, which helps to stand out amongst the green beer brands.

Other new additions include a ‘powerful pulse’ to represent the beat of youthful energy and a tinted filter that makes photography assets unmistakably Tuborg. The brand’s heritage is represented by references to the original brewery in Copenhagen and a suit of icons that capture the new brand spirit. 

The new visual identity launched in markets in March 2017 is flexible for local adaptation and will feature on all brand communications, from the hero bottle and can, key visuals, merchandise and on and off-trade.


For many years Tuborg has been actively influencing the development of music. In 2017, this direction is adapted to the cultural preferences of the young audience of different countries.

Tuborg-2In order to emphasize the impact on the contemporary musical culture, the brand and the communications agency Fuse will soon announce a collaboration with one of the world's leading musicians, as well as with several local artists in key markets. Russia will become one of the key countries, where the new campaign of the brand will unveiled. The most relevant musical events will be supported– either small concerts in popular club spaces throughout Russia or big partnership festivals. This activities will be accompanied by new communication in social networks and development of an influencer-marketing strategy with a special approach to famous musical personalities.

To emphasize the attitude to the heritage of Tuborg and to reflect the connection with all generations from 1880 to our time, a special project on popular media web-platform about entertainment and cultural leisure afisha.ru is launched. It will be a reflection of the cultural code of different years - here you can find out where representatives of the different generations were having fun, what they wore, read, watched, listened to, and in general lived. Every week, you will be able to see what representatives of different generations were doing that month and what is happening right now. In addition, important opinion leaders in areas that form the cultural landscape will support the project: musicians, actors, artists or bartenders. This will help to show both the importance of the heritage and the relevance of what is happening around the culture and the brand itself right now.

All these projects are launched in collaboration with local agencies - Stereotactic, which oversee the development of the music platform, and Possible, which support the history of heritage and other brand communication.

Vsevolod Nikolaev, Global Brand Director at Tuborg commented:
“Tuborg has always been associated with fun and music but we need to evolve to keep that positioning fresh and appealing to our core young adults’ audience.  Fun now is about enriched social moments associated with cultural discovery and exploration; it’s about bringing together new influences to experience something entirely unique. Our market is youthful and globally connected and by harnessing music’s unique power to unite people across geographies, we believe our campaign is an extremely exciting response to some of the global cultural shifts currently taking place.”

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