Baltika expands its capacity for production of non-alcoholic beer

march 14, 2017

Baltika 0Baltika Breweries LLC has increased the number of sites where innovative non-alcoholic brewery equipment is installed. Baltika-Samara brewery became the fourth brewery where gala launch of new equipment took place and the first edition of non-alcoholic beer Baltika 0 was produced on March 14th. The company's investment into the project was RUB 57 mln.

In recent times, growth of non-alcoholic beer segment is one of the main trends of Russian brewing industry. At a time when, as a result of the last year, total beer market decline was 1-2% according to estimates of the Baltika Breweries, the segment of non-alcoholic beer has nearly grown by 12% (according to Nielsen Retail Audit, Urban & Rural Russia). Considering these trends as well as conducive conditions for implementation of innovative production solutions that Samara region features by, Baltika decided to start production of non-alcoholic beer in this important for the company region.

Baltika 0_2The brewery in Samara became the most eastern of those, where innovation technology of multi-stage membrane filtering, in which alcohol is removed out of already finished beer, was implemented. Because of that method, the taste of traditional lager in beer is preserved. It is worth to note that Baltika was the first among all the Russian brewers, which mastered the method of dialysis and successfully produces high quality alcohol-free beer at its breweries in St. Petersburg, Tula and Rostov-on-Don.

As the result of geography widening, it will be possible to meet growing demand of Russian alcohol-free beer consumers at an affordable price. It is particularly important, taking into account that its production process is more expensive and laborious than that of alcoholic beer.  Non-alcoholic beer meets the requirements, which are currently imposed on beverages by followers of active lifestyle. Owing to content of silicon, which takes part in bone system regeneration after exercises, caloric value of Baltika 0 sort is lower than, for example, that of apple juice. Furthermore, such beer has low glycemic index — something like that of fat-free kefir. It means that calories entered the organism will be applied to energy recover but not be deposited "in store".

Baltika 0_3The main drivers of the segment of non-alcoholic beer growth are popularization of healthy lifestyle among the public and active advertisement support of the brands by TV, carried out by Baltika in accordance with Federal Law No. 38 FZ "On advertisement". Each advertisement message is certainly accompanied by special sign, which highlights that it is about non-alcoholic products. The same practice will be also applied in the course of advertising campaigns scheduled for 2017.

Baltika is undeniable leader in the segment of non-alcoholic beer with its share of about 60%. For many years, the company has invested significant funds for non-alcoholic beer sorts creation and development, including the brand of Baltika 0 which production started in 2001. Today, Baltika 0 is exported to 47 countries of the world, including the USA, Cuba, Japan, New Zealand, Germany and Ireland.

Maxim Lazarenko, Marketing Vice President of Baltika Breweries LLC: "Recently we note strengthening trend of growth of alcohol-free beer category in our country. And this is to be expected: in Russia, the segment takes no more than 1% of market, while in Germany it amounts to 5% and to 15% in Spain. With development of beer consumption culture, the structure of Russians preferences is also gradually approaching to the common European one. Therefore, we made a decision to extend the geography of production of Baltika 0 leading on the market of alcohol-free beer brands in 2017 and moved to the East of our country".

It is worth to note that promotion of Baltika 0 and other alcohol-free brands is the important part of the policy of corporate social responsibility of the Baltika Breweries and Carlsberg Group as a whole in the field of responsible beer consumption development. From that point of view, the company's activity completely matches the Concept of the State policy on lowering of alcohol misuse scale and alcoholism prevention among the Russian Federation people over a period of up to 2020, as it contributes to a gradual switch of consumers to alcohol-free products and decrease of total alcohol consumption.

*Source:  Nielsen Retail Audit, Urban & Rural Russia


 Baltika Breweries LLC, part of the Carlsberg Group is one of the largest FMCG producers in Russia. Since 1996, the company has been ranked Number One in the Russian beer market. Baltika owns 8 breweries in Russia and enjoys an expanded brand portfolio. The company is an essential part of Carlsberg Group and its region of Eastern Europe which also includes Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Baltika Breweries is the leading exporter of Russian beer: its products are represented in more than 75 countries of the world, for 43 of them the company is the only Russian supplier in this category.

Baltika 0 is non-alcoholic beer that is produced using technology of dialysis — careful removal of alcohol out of the finished beer. This is just the method that allows to produce alcohol-free beer with taste that does not differ from alcohol-containing beer. Herewith, traditional recipe and high-quality ingredients are used.  Baltika 0 has been produced since 2001. It has traditional taste and aroma of light beer with some sweetish tint. Alcohol-free beer contains all the essential vitamins of B, A and E groups as well as more than 30 minerals and mineral nutrients. Baltika 0 is now the most popular alcohol-free beer in Russia. At Russian and international professional contests this sort was repeatedly considered as the best alcohol-free beer.

Baltika-Samara brewery is one of the leading in the food industry ventures of the Volga region. Production capacity of the brewery is 6.5 million hectoliters of beer per year. "Baltika Samara" branch produces about 50 assortment items of beer of local, federal and licensed trade names. Baltika 0, Baltika 3, Baltika 7, Baltika 9, Zatecky Gus, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Bolshaya Kruzhka, Zhigulyovskoye, Uralsky Master, Sverdlovskoye, Sarbast and Samara local brand. The brewery is one of the largest taxpayers of the region and is one of the largest employers. Its products are delivered in regions of Volga (Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chuvashia, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Penza regions etc.), Ural (Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen regions etc.). Siberia (Omsk, Novosibirsk regions), South (Rostov, Astrakhan etc. regions), as well as are exported to Kazakhstan, countries of Middle Asia and Iran.

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