The Russian Beer Union (RBU) and the Retail Companies Association signed a memorandum of cooperation in the social sphere

september 16, 2016

MemorandumAt RBK conference between the RBU and the Association of retail companies (AKORT) was singed the Memorandum of intent to undertake joined measures on preventing underage drinking. Since 2015 the signatories of the document have already been Consumers Union of Russia, X5 Retail Group and Union of the participants of beer and non-alcoholic beverages market.

The Russian Beer Union as a Memorandum holder expects to expand the list of its members and is ready for a dialogue with the companies and organizations that intend to develop cooperation in the social sphere.

“We are categorically against the sale of beer to minors facts. Underage people are not our targeted cunsumers, and such facts discredit both producers and sellers. The campaign “18+ Common rules – responsibility of everyone” is made to bring together all the market participants. We are confident that the signing of the memorandum will enhance the effectiveness of our actions and will become a factor for sustainable development of business and society." – commented Andrey Gubka, the Chairman of the Russian Beer Union.

“The role of consumers is to prevent the problem of alcohol purchases by minors, to know and abide the law. Consumers need to keep calm and show a passport at the request of the seller; do not allow the sale of alcohol to adolescents; parents have to conduct educational conversations with their children. The Union supports the action because it uses an integrated approach to solve the problem through the involvement in it not only sellers but also producers and consumers.” – said Peter Shelisch, Chairman of the Russian Union of Consumers.

Corporate Communications Director of X5 Retail Group, Elena Konnova: “The company again supported the Global Beer Responsibility Day in Russia. Our stores will become the grounds for the campaign “18+ Rules for all – responsibility of everyone” for the second time. X5 Retail Group is integrating tests developed by the Russian Beer Union into distance-learning program for the store employees. In addition, our sellers will take part in the focus groups in the research of Sociological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, aimed at developing the optimal strategy in the prevention of alcohol consumption by minors.”

 “Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for retailers is a special area of work because of the direct daily communication with the consumers. We need to build a constructive dialogue with them to give an understanding that the problem of alcohol consumption by adolescent aren’t solving by fines, but can be solved by our intolerant attitudes toward the possibility of the sales of alcohol to minors or of buying beer for them.” − commented Vladimir Ionkin, Acting Executive Director of the Association of retail companies (AKORT).

 Director of Corporate and External Relations “Dixie”, Ekaterina Kumanina: “Our company follows the policy of zero tolerance for violations in the field of trade in alcohol. There is only one way to solve the problem of underage buyers of beer, all adults including the sellers and manufacturers must unite efforts to win. The questions about sale and consumption of alcohol should be discussed as widely as possible, and we are pleased to participate in such a project which will help to convey a message about responsibility of everyone.”


The campaign “18+ Common rules – responsibility of everyone” kicked off on September, 15. In 120 towns volunteers – employees of the brewing companies and partners – visited points of sale to inform shop assistants and consumers of the legal age about responsibility rules to enforce the current sales legislation. The participants handed out special leaflets and placed stickers reminding people of their responsibilities and the role they can play in preventing of alcohol sales to those under 18. Overall, almost 90,000 points of sale to be embraced by the project during two weeks.
Global Beer Responsibility Day 2016 aims to build upon the success and momentum of year one by engaging tens of thousands of brewer employees, more than a hundred governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and half a million retail accounts to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. In addition, brewers, retailers and their partners will aim to directly engage more than 700,000 consumers and reach more than 200,000,000 consumers with responsible drinking messages and activations.

In 2015 the world’s largest brewers – Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carlsberg and HEINEKEN  – joined forces to lead the initiative Global Beer Responsibility Day (GBRD), a worldwide effort to promote the responsible consumption of beer.

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