Craft from Baltika captivates America

november 20, 2015

Russian Imperial StoutA new line of unique craft beer Baltika Brew Collection brewed specifically for export to the USA appeared on the shelves of American stores.

The craft brewery segment in the USA has been on the rise and continues its growth approximately by 12% annually. In the last year, every third American citizen has bought craft beer at least once. Consumers are willing to try new brands, including imported products, in pursuit of challenging and exceptional flavor.

In its strive to meet present-day requirements, Baltika introduced to the US market two unique authentic brands of Russian beer from the Baltika Brew Collection: Russian Imperial stout, the stout based on a traditional formulation of the 18th century distinguished by strength and hop bitter, and Russian Honey Brown Ale, classic ale which flavor enjoys unfolding honey notes and scents of the Russian fields. Before the end of the year, it is planned to introduce the third beer brand to the American market, Russian Lingonberry Wit, wheat unfiltered beer with berry notes of the Russian forests.

Creators of the Baltika Brew Collection, a team of Baltika’s brewers headed by Yury Katunin and Dmitry Afonin, speak about the authenticity of brands: “Having applied all the knowledge we had acquired in the brewery field, we wanted to present true beer lovers  with something totally different that would reveal the nature and soul of far Russia. The ingredients that we now use in our collection are traditional and characteristic of the Russian food culture: they amplify the taste of beer perfectly while bringing something fresh to it and accentuating the uniqueness and intriguing nature of Russia.”

Russian Imperial StoutRussian Honey BrownTwo brands under the Baltika Brew Collection, Russian Imperial stout and Russian Honey Brown Ale, can already be found on the shelves of such American retail chain stores as Net Cost, Grestide’s, Key Food, 7/11, Food Bazar, as well as other stores at a recommended retail price of $1.99 per bottle.

It should be noted that American citizens are already acquainted with Baltika’s products. The American market enjoys such brands as Baltika, Zatecky Gus, Arsenalnoe, Zhigulevskoe Firmennoe, and others. In the meantime, Baltika is the largest and the most famous brand of Russian beer in the USA.


Baltika Breweries LLC, part of the Carlsberg Group, is one of the largest producers of fast-moving consumer goods in Russia. Since 1996, the company has been rated No.1 Company on the Russian beer market”. Baltika owns 8 plants in Russia, enjoying a wide portfolio of brands. The Company forms a significant part of the Carlsberg Group and its Eastern European region including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. The Baltika Brewery is a leading exporter of Russian beer: Baltika’s product lines are available on the markets of more than 75 countries; the company accounts for more than 50% of all the export deliveries of Russian beer.

Russian Imperial stout is a modern interpretation of the historical Scottish Courage recipe that was first brewed at the Baltika’s experimental brewery with a group of British brewers who came to St. Petersburg in June 2011. Russian Imperial stout itself evolved into an individual beer style in the 1920’s of the 20th century, having embodied a two-centuries-long history of British and Baltic porter. Its color is impenetrable black, as black as ebony, with a reddish hue and a creamy coffee foamy hat. Its rich and complex flavor of caramel and black malt with moderate fruit-flavored ethers blends in perfectly well with prune accents and wine tints. Its taste, full-bodied, intensive, and rich, enjoys the expressive complex of malt and chocolate tints and burnt flavor with striking nuances of dark fruits, port wine, and strong coffee. It is great when served with meat dishes and chocolate desserts. This exportable brand has been a prize-winner at the prestigious international competition International Beer Challenge on numerous occasions.

Honey Brown Ale from the Baltika Brew Collection is a modern interpretation of the world-renowned beer style transformed by a fresh author’s approach to the centuries-old tradition into a unique and inimitable product with the Russian sound. During the process of elaboration, the brewers approached the formulation in the light of the Russian culture and traditions and added one ingredient that had long been used in Russia for making hopped beverages, and that is honey. The taste of Honey Brown Ale is one-of-a-kind — it enjoys pronounced, but not bitter flavor, with a sweet honey note and toffee-like, biscuit, and caramel tints. A rich combination of natural Altai honey with four brands of British and Continental hop fetches out a slightly dry aftertaste. This rich beer is great when served with simple substantial dishes, for instance, Cheddar cheese, cold meat, and roasted veggies. A classic English combination of ale with pies is also worth trying.

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