A global social event starts tomorrow "18+ common rules — personal responsibility!"

september 17, 2015

The project is dedicated to a new global initiative - World Day of Responsible Beer Consumption, which will be held for the first time in 120 cities of Russia on September 18. The event is organized by the Union of Russian Brewers, project coordinator in Russia is a brewing company Carlsberg Group Baltika is a part of.

The purpose of the event is to consolidate market participants - brewers, trade representatives and buyers, in order to join their efforts for making the sale of alcohol to underage children impossible. Implementation of measures into the daily practice, which have been specially designed by the participants of the event, will become the most important step towards resolving the problem with the alcohol consumption by teenagers, which, as estimated by the World Health Organization, is one of the most important problems in the field of assuring the quality of life and health of underage children.

In 2015, the largest brewing companies have consolidated their efforts and are holding the World Day of Responsible Beer Consumption for the first time at a global level. In general, the information on the measures taken to prevent alcohol consumption by underage children will become available to 10 million consumers in total.

In Russia the event is supported by Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, X5 Retail Group, Non-Commercial Partnership "Association of Beer and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Market Participants", and the Russian Union of Consumers.

During the event they elaborated six simple rules for each of three parties - manufacturers, sellers, and buyers. You can study the rules of responsible behavior with the alcoholic products, pass interactive tests for the knowledge of laws on the official website of the Union of Russian Brewers www.beerunion.ru, section "World Day of Responsible Beer Consumption".

Vladimir Vava, Vice President for Sales, Baltika Brewing Company, Carlsberg Group"Baltika has always considered only full-age consumers as their target audience. We believe that selling alcohol to teenagers is inadmissible. Over the years the company has been implementing the projects aimed at preventing beer consumption by underage children. It holds "Beer Patrols", distributes stickers in the points of sale, which remind of the sellers' and consumers' responsibility. That is why company's participation in the World Day of Responsible Beer Consumption will be another step on this way. I am sure we will be able to develop a positive trend of moderate and responsible beer consumption by uniting our efforts with our industry affiliates".

On September 18 the event will be officially started in the presence of the representatives from Baltika, X5 Retail, and public authorities, at 11:00 in St. Petersburg, 11 Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt. We invite all journalists to join us. The program of event startup includes a short media scrum with the official representatives of the companies engaged in the project and a raid in the points of sale.


Baltika Brewing Company LLC, a part of Carlsberg Group, is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer goods in Russia, and No. 1 at the Russian beer market since 1996. Baltika owns 8 plants in Russia and a wide portfolio of brands. The company makes a considerable part of Carlsberg Group and its Eastern Europe region, which also includes Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Baltika Brewing Company is a leading export of Russian beer. Baltika products are represented in over 75 countries of the world, and make over 50% of all export supplies of Russian beer.

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