Quality management

Quality management policy

All actions and processes in our company are aimed at meeting in a balanced way the needs and expectations of our consumers and customers as well as other stakeholders: employees, shareholders, suppliers, partners and society.

Our company commits to provide all necessary resources to produce and deliver its products at the highest quality level fully complying with all requirements to the products and processes at every stage of production.

Our commitments regarding the quality can be found in our quality management policy.

Quality control at every stage

Our company exercises control at every stage of the products life cycle, which eventually ensures the high quality and safety of the finished goods. 


  • Use of the best seeding materials
  • Own developments of yeast strains
  • Modernization of the water treatment systems
  • Assessment of raw materials in own laboratories and on-site control
  • Suppliers check


  • Quality control at all stages of production by almost 100 criteria and parameters, which considerably exceeds the GOST requirements
  • Products tasting, physical, chemical and microbiological analysis in the company’s laboratories on state-of-the-art equipment
  • Checking compliance with the SanRaN requirements in external accredited centers  


  • Use of own motor fleet for careful delivery of finished goods
  • Special preparation of own transport for beer transportation, for example re-equipping ordinary railway cars into thermos-cars
  • Ongoing work with partner carriers informing them about the rules of products transportation

Storage and distribution

  • Own warehouses
  • Ongoing work with partner distributors informing them about the rules of products storage
  • Control of assortment, quality and shelf life of products in outlets by company’s sales force.
    Our company sets strict requirements to beer transportation and storage. The list of the required criteria includes: temperature conditions, transportation time, sunlight protection, smooth relocation of products, etc. 


  • The system handling claims from consumers and clients in accordance with ISO 10002 standard
  • Consumers can address their questions and preferences with regard to the products quality:
  • via toll-free hotline (number provided on the labels of all products) – 8 800 333 33 03
  • via corporate website.

Quality management standards

Product quality is priority No. 1 for us. We are responsible to consumers and the society for the quality and safety of the products and take actions aimed at improving the beer consumption culture and promoting responsible consumption.

As the leader of the Russian beer market our company conforms with all relevant quality standards: the company’s management system is based on the leading international standards— ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 14000 environmental management, OHSAS 18000 occupational health and safety and ISO 22000 food safety.  

To meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, our company is moving from the functional management approach to the process approach. As distinguished from the traditional model when tasks are solved within individual business functions, process management has a whole number of advantages, including faster decision making, motivation of executives and employees to achieve results, elimination of organizational barriers and better interaction with the stakeholders. This change has a huge potential for improving efficiency at all levels; therefore, implementing the process approach is a key priority on Baltika’s agenda for the coming years.

Certificates of conformity

In the 1990s, Baltika was one of the first Russian companies to receive the international ISO 9001 certificate.  Since then our company’s quality management system has been regularly maintained and improved.  

Certificates obtained:

At present our company implements a number of projects aimed at ensuring health and safety based on OHSAS 18000 standard, as well as complaints handling according to ISO 10002. Work is also underway to ensure conformity to the GMP (Good manufacturing practice) requirements in the field of food safety.

Apart from that, there are plans for FSSC 22000 certification. The entire world, including our company, starts moving towards ISO 9004 standard. This new approach is the future. The standard extends management boundaries and puts focus on satisfying the needs and expectations of all company stakeholders within the production cycle.

Due to the high standards and professional approach Baltika’s products regularly win awards at prestigious professional contests (total number over 670) and are sold in 75 countries throughout the world.

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