Baltika-Baku to start production export to Turkmenistan in autumn

may 14, 2010

Baltika-Baku brewery expands export operations in neighbouring countries.

Director General of Baltika-Baku LLC Adam Tlehuray said Baltika-Baku considers Turkmenistan as a possible export direction at present.

"In the autumn of 2010 we will begin exporting beer to this neighboring country," A. Tlehuray said.

According to him, from now onwards,  Baltika-Baku is ready to start its production export to Caspian bordering countries.

Presently, Baltika-Baku produces at least  ten beer brands, among which traditional Afsana and Bizim Piva, 33 Export, Xirdalan, and key brands Baltika № 3, № 5, № 7, № 9, Baltika Kuler and Arsenalnoye. In 2009, the plant produced 30 million litres of beer.

The history of the Khirdalan brewery goes back 40 years and it changed several names within these years. Since January 2009, Khirdalan brewery has continued its activity as Baku-Baltika.

Baltika finished acquisition of the brewery in Azerbaijan in August 2008. As a result, Baltika became a full owner of to 90% in Baku-Kastel brewery. Baltika-Baku is the first case of opening of a plant by Baltika beyond Russia. — 14.05.10

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