Baltika-Baku plant signs collective agreement for term of three years

december 7, 2009

Baku, Fineko/ On December 4, the collective agreement was signed in Baltika- Baku plant in Khirdalan. The document aims at regulating social and labor relations in the enterprise over next three years.

The press-service of the plant informed that the collective agreement was signed by Director General of Baltika- Baku plant Adam Tlehuray, representing the company, and Tural Niftaliyev, Chairman of the Organization of Trade Unions of the enterprise.

"Fundamentals of the collective agreement of Baltika- Baku concern wages, labour relations, working hours and rest time, conditions and labour protection. At the same time, expanded list of social guarantees and privileges is fixed in the document. For example, annual increase of average level of wages (it was not reflected anywhere before) was established, as well as individual awards to anniversaries, Ramazan, Kurban Bayram, Novruz Bayram national holidays," it was informed.

The initiative of conclusion of the general collective agreement in Azerbaijan belonged to Trade Union — a representative body of employees of the Baltika- Baku. Effect of the document will spread to all employees, without regard to whether he is a member of Trade Union.

Signing of the collective agreement — the practice, which has settled in Baltika company.

The contract between labour collective and leadership of the enterprise in Russia was concluded in July, 2008.

The Khirdalan brewery, which was put into operation in 1969, belonged to production union Baku-Beer and was one of the six biggest breweries in the USSR times. In 1997, the brewery was transferred into ownership of France’s concern Group Castel.

In 2000, nationwide leader of the Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev took part at official opening ceremony of renovated plant.

In 1999, the brewery underwent large-scale reconstruction.

By 2008, enterprise’s output made more than 70% of the Azerbaijani market.

On May 15, 2008, Baltika company and Internationales Holding (Eastern) Ltd (BIH Eastern) signed an agreement on purchase of the brewery in Khirdalan.

After the deal was approved by Azerbaijani antimonopoly services, the brewery became part of Baltika company. In 2009, it was renamed in Baltika- Baku. — 04.12.09

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