Baltika-Baku plant considers Turkmen market

december 7, 2009

The Baltika-Baku plant considers Turkmenistan as the possible export direction, the company said.

Production of Baltika-Baku brewery has increased capacity to 10 million decalitres per annum and launched to export to neighboring countries.

The plant informed that Baltika-Baku brewery is a regional enterprise and the plant has started exporting the beer to Georgia since 2009.

«Presently, more than 40,000 litres were supplied in this country, summarizing the results of the year this figure will reach 400,000 litres. Baltika-Baku also considers Turkmenistan as a possible export direction of deliveries. Output of products for export enables the plant to retain work positions in conditions of the general volume reduction of the Azerbaijani beer market in 2009," Baltika-Baku said.

In 2009, Baltika had a major reconstruction in the Azerbaijani production platform. Total investments at the end of the investment program were approximately $ 20 million.

A cooking procedure, six Forfas, 12 cylinder-conical tanks (CCT), four bottling lines (in PET packaging, jar, glass bottle and kegs) provides the plant's production capacity at 10 million decalitres in the year. All equipment that newly installed at the Baltika-Baku enterprise were produced in the world's leading companies, such as Krones AG, Gea Brewery Systems Gmbh, Filtrox AG, Ring Crown, Pall Gmbh, etc.

Now Baltika-Baku produces such brands, as Xirdalan, Afsana, Bizim, 33 Export. Production of brands of Baltika brand line has been launched, starting with Baltika №3, Baltika №5, Baltika №7, Baltika Kuler, as well as Arsenalnoye brand.

The brewery in Khirdalan has almost 40-year history and has replaced several names within these years. Since January, 2009, Khirdalan brewery has continues its activity as Baku-Baltika. Baltika company finished purchasing the brewery in Azerbaijan in August, 2008. As a result, Baltika became full owner of to 90 % in Baku-Kastel brewery. Baltika-Baku is the first case of opening of the plant by Baltika outside of Russia. — 04.12.09

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