Sale of beer to minors under 18 is forbidden

may 28, 2007

300 warning stickers "After 18! - Sale of beer to minors is forbidden" will be placed today in shops of St. Petersburg by representatives of the city administration, youth public organizations, mass media, Baltika Breweries and Mitki artist group.

The main idea of the event, organized by the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations of St. Petersburg and Baltika Breweries is to remind city residents of the necessity to not allow sale of beer to minors, and about personal responsibility of each person, his relatives and the entire society.

More than 30 St. Petersburg residents showed up to express their position and to take part in the social event, including representatives of leading mass media of the city, Baltika Breweries, the St. Petersburg Center of Drug Abuse Prevention, and Mitki artist group.

"After 18!" stickers for participants of the event were developed by the Union of Russian Brewers and are intended for placing in retail shops (external surfaces of cashier desks, counters, racks, entrance doors). Also "After 18!" signs are used in beer advertising, including TV commercials and outdoor advertising. Stickers and signs are distributed by brewing companies on a voluntary basis. The federal legislation does not demand placing such signs on the products.

Sergey Grishin, Chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy of St. Petersburg: "The ban of sale of beer to minors is stipulated by the Federal Law "On Restrictions of Retail Sale and Consumption of Beer and Beer-Based Drinks, which is in effect since April 2005. Unfortunately, despite the existing law, some shops still sell beer to teenagers."

Daniil Briman, Vice President on HR and Corporate Affairs of OJSC Baltika Breweries: "The Brewers’ Union, of which Baltika is a member, was one of the initiators of the legislative act regulating sales of beer to minors. We have never considered people under 18 as potential consumers of our production. We support strict observance of the law, responsible consumption of beer and developing the beer culture."


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