On the eve of the International Children’s Day Khabarovsk shops held a special event, when volunteers put "Over 18!" stickers within a target social program.

may 25, 2007

On May 25-26, 2007 Khabarovsk shops were visited by representatives of mass media, Baltika Breweries, and public and municipal youth organizations, who placed "Over 18!" stickers in alcoholic beverage sections, to remind the customers that beer shouldn’t be sold to minors.

While placing "Over 18!" signs in liquor stores, participants of the event could ask questions to staff and customers of the shops and remind the sales staff of their administrative and personal responsibility before themselves, their relatives and the entire society.

Social responsibility is one of the major principles of the policy at Baltika Breweries. The company closely observes the appropriateness of its advertising appeals: minors are not the company’s target audience. Baltika supports responsible consumption of beer.

"Over 18!" sign means that sale of beer to minors is forbidden!

The sign was developed at the initiative of the Union of the Russian Brewers, of which Baltika is a member. The main objective is to place the signs in liquor stores. The sign is distributed by brewing companies on a voluntary basis; the federal legislation does not require its obligatory placing.

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