Success of 2006 and regional market potential allowed Baltika Breweries to double the project capacities of the brewery in Novosibirsk

april 19, 2007

The decision about the increase of the enterprise project capacity was made on the 2006 results. The first in the Western Siberia brewery — Baltika-Novosibirsk - will produce 4.5 million hectoliters of beer per year; the investments into the project will amount to 130 million Euros.

The construction of the eleventh brewery of the biggest brewing company in the country in Novosibirsk was announced in December of 2006. Then the project was estimated as 65 million Euros. As a result of the capacity increase, the amount of investments will be doubled. The construction will be financed by the own resources of the Company and completed to the season of 2008. This will be the most modern production and logistics complex in Russia, consisting of an already working warehouse terminal of "A" class and an own branch line.

Anton Artemiev, President of Baltika Breweries: "The success of 2006 allowed us to adjust the plans on the construction of the brewery in Novosibirsk. The growing regional market potential furthered the decision- making about increase of capacities of the constructed brewery."


Open Joint Stock Company "Baltika Breweries" has been the leader of the Russian brewing market since 1996. As a result of the merger with the breweries Vena, Yarpivo and Pikra, Baltika Breweries operates with 10 breweries in 9 regions of Russia, the strongest brand portfolio, staff around 12,000 employees. Since 1993 the largest shareholder of Baltika Breweries has been Baltic Beverages Holding AB (ВВH). BBH is a company that is 50%-50% owned by Carlsberg A/S and Scottish & Newcastle Plc.


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