Agreement on use of personal data

The User shall hereby provide Baltika Breweries, of the address 6th Verkhny Pereulok, d. 3, 194292, Saint Petersburg, Russia (hereinafter referred to as ‘Baltika’), as the personal data controller, with personal data, including first name, surname, family name, and full date of birth. The user shall give full and unconditional consent, undertaken willingly, to the handling of the above data by Baltika (including the collection, systematization, storage, amendment [updating, editing], use, distribution [including transferral], anonymizing, blocking, destruction and indefinite storage of personal data), in electronic form and/or on paper for the purposes of distributing invitations to official functions and other information, including via e-mail, and statistical reports from the website for marketing purposes. Written consent for the handling of a User’s personal data is given on the date of submission of this agreement by sending the Application Form by e-mail to Baltika Breweries by clicking on ‘Subscribe’ on the The consent outlined in this clause shall be valid indefinitely and can be withdrawn by the User by written notification sent to Baltika’s address by registered post. User consent to the handling of personal data shall be considered withdrawn 30 days after such written notification has been received by Baltika from the User. Baltika undertakes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of Users’ personal data.

Together with the aforementioned consent concerning the handling of personal data, the User shall also fully consent to receiving messages from Baltika, including messages containing advertising.

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