About the company

Our company was established in Saint Petersburg in 1990. State-of-the-art equipment and application of advanced technologies allowed production of highest quality products owing to which the company has been No. 1 on the Russian beer market since 1996.

We were the first in Russia:

  • to produce beer in a 1 liter aluminum can;
  • to launch the line of beer bottling in PET bottles;
  • to produce beer in 5 liter aluminum kegs;
  • to switch to large-scale and full use of transparent labeling;
  • to apply foil wrapping of the bottle neck;
  • to start using outside cold for production purposes (Siberia, Far East, Volga region);
  • to convert heat supply of the sports and recreation complex (Khabarovsk) fully to sun energy only; 
  • and many other things.

We were the first and the only ones among Russian brewers::

  • to be certified in the integrated management system;
  • to develop our own Cooler yeast strain;
  • to design our own rail cars for careful transportation of our products;
  • to start using the largest cooking vessel of 18 tons;
  • to adopt and produce both the PET perform and cap for our own purposes.
At least 580 bottles of the amber drink are opened in Russia every second. For several years already at least 230 bottles of them have been the bottles with the beer of our company!

Throughout its history our company has been developing dynamically buying breweries, building new ones from scratch, actively expanding the network of sales departments. In the late 2006 Baltika merged with three Russian brewing companies: Vena, Pikra and Yarpivo.

Since 2008 our company has been a considerable part of Carlsberg Group and its Eastern Europe region which also includes Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

We have been paying special attention to quality issues: all our breweries have installed state-of-the-art equipment, introduced advanced quality management systems; we use only the best raw materials to manufacture the products.

One of the fundamental principles of development of our company is innovation. This refers both to development of the brand portfolio, i.e. introduction of the products and kinds of packaging principally new for the Russian market, and the applied production technologies, logistics, and sales. One of the recent achievements in this field is development of two own brewing barley varieties by the specialists of Baltika and Carlsberg Group based on Null-LOX technology: Chill, Cheerio and Charles which were entered into the State Register of Selection Achievements of the Russian Federation. The total amount of investments aimed at the development of agriculture of the Russian Federation since 2005 is more than 8 billion rubles.

Baltika’s employees are professionals of their trade and the main asset of the company. The expert examination of Baltika brewers is recognized both in Russia and abroad. Due to the close joint work with Carlsberg Group team at the global level Baltika employees successfully apply the best practices, experience and approaches of all the companies of the Group for prosperity of local brands and initiatives. The company pays high attention to development of leadership competencies and personnel involvement, development of talents and attraction of young specialists.

The wide brand portfolio of our company allows satisfaction of the most sophisticated taste. Apart from the key Baltika brand we produce more than 40 beer brands, such as Baltika, Arsenalnoye, Tuborg, Zatecky Gus, Carlsberg, and 9 nonbeer brands. Our Baltika brand has the first place in Europe in terms of sales (information of Euromonitor 2015) and is one of the ten most expensive brands of Russia. Different varieties of the brand are produced under a license in the CIS countries and far abroad. Besides, the brands of our company have received more than 670 Russian and international awards of professional and consumer contests.

Baltika has a broad distribution network. The products of our company are available in 98% of trade outlets of Russia and in more than 75 countries abroad, including Western Europe, North America and Asian Pacific region. Baltika breweries has a broad distribution network. The products of our company are available in 98% of trade outlets of Russia and in more than 75 countries abroad, in 43 of which Baltika Breweries is the only Russian beer exporter.

We are one of the biggest taxpayers forming a considerable part of tax revenues in the cities where the headquarters and branches of our company are located. In 2015 the aggregate tax deductions into the budgets of all levels and extra-budgetary funds amounted to 60 bln rubles. Baltika pays special attention to issues of sustainable development in the regions of its presence. Therefore, corporate social responsibility is part of the company’s business strategy. Baltika has identified several priority areas of work in this sphere: protection of the environment and responsible consumption.

We integrate the ecological aspect throughout the value chain: from researches and developments to interaction with the local community.

Besides, the company develops programs of improving the culture of beer sales and consumption. Beer is a drink for adults responsible to the society. Limitation of the access of the underage to beer is one of the principles governing our activities. We comply with and actively promote this principle organizing Beer Patrols, the actions uniting people who cannot stay indifferent to violation of the law on the ban on beer sales to the underage.  The company also implements the Drive Sober project aimed at warning the drivers about the incompatibility of alcohol and driving.

Throughout its history Baltika has been striving to meet the needs and expectations  of all the parties concerned to the maximum: clients and consumers, employees, local community and shareholders. Our guidelines in the spheres of quality management, protection of the environment, health safety as well as food safety are the generally recognized  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 22000 international standards.

Today Baltika Breweries, part of the Carlsberg Group, is:

  • one of the largest companies in Russia in the sphere of consumer goods production;
  • the leader of the Russian beer market with the share of over 32,7 % (According to retail audit Q1 2017 Nielsen Russia in respect of both Urban Russia and Rural Russia markets);
  • more than 40 national and regional beer brands (such as Baltika, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Zatecky Gus) and 8 non-beer brands (Seth and Riley’s Garage, for example)
  • producer of Baltika brand being No. 1 in terms of sales in Europe (Euromonitor 2015);
  • breweries of the aggregate capacity of about 40 mln hl of beer per year in 8 cities of Russia: in Saint Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Tula, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk;
  • about 7,400 employees;
  • a major Russian exporter of the products present in more than 75 countries of the world, including Western Europe, North America and Asian Pacific region.

    * 2016 data


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