Yuriy Chentyrev

Regional Production Director, Russia

Yuriy Chentyrev is appointed Regional Production Director on 31 October 2014.

Yuriy started his career in 1990 at 5th Leningrad Dairy Factory as an operator of refrigerators and compressors, three years later he became a senior supervisor of refrigerators and compressors department. He joined Baltika Brewery in 1995 and in 1997 was promoted to head of steam-water supply department. In August 2001 Yuriy became head of construction of the new brewery in Samara, in May 2002 entered the office of  Mana ging Director of Baltika-Samara brewery and since 2004 he was  Mana ging Director of Baltika-Saint-Petersburg.

Yuriy Chentyrev was born in 1968 in Tambov region. After military service he entered Leningrad College of Refrigerating Industry. In 2002 - graduated from Moscow University of Statistics, Information and Economics, majoring in management.

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