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Chelyabinskoye Zhivoye

Chelyabinskoe beer is the city’s beer brewed for true Chelyabinsk people who appreciate its traditional taste and invariably high quality at an optimal price.

The Chelyabinskoe brand was launched in 1993 and is distributed in Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region. Since then the product label and the bottle shape changed several times, but the taste of the beer remained unchanged.

In 2005, pale sort Chelyabinskoe Live was launched. The new product is the example of efficient combination of the Soviet epoch’s best brewing traditions when all beer was live but perishable and best practices of Baltika’s specialists. Chelyabinskoe Live is a tribute to the traditions of the 1980s. Currently it is one of the most popular and favorite brands among the Chelyabinsk people. The main feature of Chelyabinskoe Live is the use of modern high-tech filtration technology which retains the useful properties in the beer and at the same time extends the shelf life of the “live” beer from five days to two months.


Variants of package

0.47 litre glass bottles
1.42 litre and 2.47 litre PET containers
30 litre kegs

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